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Thrall Photography are wedding photographers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who shoot weddings all over the world, and even travelled up to Stockholm for the first Way Up North event in October 2015. We had their attention for 5 minutes to ask a few questions and find out more about this sweet and crazy couple.

WUN: Alright, Thrall Photography. Who are you?

Flora: We are Nathan and Flora, a couple from Brazil. Nathan grew up in Rio de Janeiro, I grew up in the north of Brazil.

We are very much nature-attuned and a rock and roll couple who like the same heavy metal bands. So we try to impress that in our pictures in a way.

Nathan: In a kind of dark way.

WUN: So how did you end up becoming photographers and shooting weddings?

Nathan: Well I was producing and working with a band that played at weddings and so it was an easy way to go for me. I was already doing photography and had the equipment, and five years after that I started shooting weddings.

Flora: I, on the other hand, was doing movie and TV studies in college and I was going to work with TV and movies but then I realized it was not my thing. Then Nathan and I got together. And that was it!

WUN: That’s great. So you ended up shooting together and working together.

Flora: Exactly, I started as a freelancer, just shooting for fun and then for love, haha. Then everything just got out of hand at some point and we were definitely united.

WUN: So is that the kind of clients that you are looking for that like that dark, rock and roll style or?

Flora: Yes and no. We sort of got this identity, I guess, that some couples identify to our style but they don’t exactly have the same style as us. Like we get some clients that say: “Oh, okay we like your pictures being so dense and dark and mysterious” and we don’t know why, but we like it.

Nathan: They don’t have to be rock and roll and tattoo guys. That’s not the point for us.

WUN: So do you shoot a lot of weddings in Brazil or in other places too?

Flora: Mostly in Brazil.

Nathan: But today we are focusing more on Europe and we are planning to move there, in 2–3 years, maybe.

Flora: We want to get more destination style weddings, where we can travel. We like to be in the lives of our clients, to be part of their day and where, you could say, we spend the entire week with the bride and groom. To participate as long as we can, so we can extract the very essence of the couple, the truth of who they are.

Nathan: And not just focusing on the couple, we want to also get the whole family in there and all their friends.

Flora: The whole idea around the day; not just the wedding. That’s why we want to focus on destination weddings.

WUN: Right, so stay there for several days and really get to know them and interact with them.

Flora: Exactly.

Nathan: And we really want to get into the story.

WUN: So your plan is to relocate to Europe and focus more on the European market or?

Nathan: Yes, we think that we can give something different, something that is from Brazil, all kinds of relationship.

Flora: We are very warm people. We are sort of different: we hug, we kiss, we laugh together. So we have this sort of crazy style, kind of an Italian thing. And for us, when we act like that, we can extract something more from the couples. We hope to bring something different from other European photographers.

Flora: And for us, to be in Europe is to be close to different cultures and that is very important because our photography style reflects our clients, we are sort of multi-culture. Like this thing that we have with the north of Europe, with heavy metal and everything and it all comes from the nordic culture.

WUN: So you listen a lot to Swedish heavy metal music?

Nathan: Of course! And bands from Norway too.

Flora: That is how we came in contact with Nordica photography and Way Up North

WUN: Thank you to Nathan & Flora of Thrall Photography for these 5 minutes. We hope to see you in Europe and at Way Up North again!

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