Add Value with Wedding Albums

Wooden Banana Wedding Albums

“Give your clients value!”

“Give your couples an experience working with you!”

“Give your clients more than just a photoshoot!”

Maybe you heard all this before and feel a bit overwhelmed with all this because HOW do you even do all that? I’m here to talk about that.

Wedding Albums

By Jennifer Nilsson

Start by thinking about what it is you’re actually helping your couples with? You take photos of their wedding, yes. But what you actually do is you create memories for generations to come. You help your couples remember their wedding day and help them pass those memories down to future generations. So what we do as wedding photographers is capture memories that will last a long time.

Now if that is what we help our clients with, how can we do that even better? One way I help my couples with this is that I included physical photo albums in my packages. Because I want them to be able to sit down and look at all their memories together with their kids, their friends, or whoever they want to share that with.

I remember when I was younger I LOVED looking through all the albums my parents had at home. I could look at the pages over and over again and never get tired of it. Today, what we leave behind for our future generations are mostly memories on our Facebook pages and photos in the cloud. And I wanted to change that.

Give your clients value with albums

So to change this and to give my couples a solution I included albums in my wedding packages. They don’t have to do anything more than book me and I’ve got it covered. That is adding value and giving them more than just photos. I give them a way of cherishing their memories and they don’t have to do the work.

Now how do I do all this and still keep up with everything else in my business you might ask? Cause we don’t want to work more hours than necessary right? Wooden Banana had my solution to this and I love working with them.

With their “all Inclusive album service” the only thing I have to do is to send in the photos, choose what album I want, write down my client’s address and they do the rest. They design the album and send it directly to the clients. Easy peasy and such a great service.

So I went from spending HOURS (not to mention the anxiety of designing the album) on every couple’s album to just choosing what pictures I want and sending them in. It saves me sooo much time and most of all. It made my client experience even better because they will get their album quite soon after their gallery delivery.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself

So to help you with the feeling of getting overwhelmed with “give your clients an experience” and all that. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Some companies work FOR photographers to help you get your time back and still deliver a kick-ass client experience. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Wooden Banana helped me with that.

I don’t have to spend hours upon hours struggling with how to add extra value to my client experience. And my couples can look at their photos over and over again and I hope that their children will find as much joy in that the same way I did when I was younger.

About The Author

Jennifer Nilsson is a Swedish wedding and couple photographer for the madly in love! In 2019 she had the honour of winning Europe’s Best Young Wedding Photographers in the WUN Awards. She followed that up by being a top-three finalist in the same category at the 2021 edition. In addition, Jennifer is the ambassador for the Up Next contest for young wedding photographers, which is being hosted through February 2022. Read more about Up Next below.

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