All roads lead to Rome: Community top picks #1

Amazing Wedding Photography

The internet can be a vast source of inspiration for us photographers with an endless stream of talented people sharing their work. But, while social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter — not to speak of Snap or Instagram Stories — can be fleeting, we want to preserve some of the best shared with the Way Up North community and give due credit to the photographers out there who create new engaging work that we all love.

So, starting today, we will gather the best of the best and publish it here regularly. Make sure to check these photographers out and keep sharing on Instagram using the #wayupnorth hashtag.

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North community editor.

Photo by: Anne-Margrethe Photography | Instagram: @annemamama

Photo by: Good Day Image Studio | Instagram: @gooddaywed

Photo by: Eirik Halvorsen | Instagram: @eirikhalvorsen

Photo by: Miks Šēls | Instagram: @miks_sheels

Photo by: Kandace Gonzalez | Instagram: @kandacephotography

Photo by: Oscar Castro | Instagram: @oscarcastrophoto

Photo by: Pascal Landert Photography | Instagram: @pascal_landert

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