2017, A New Year: Community top picks #4

A New Year.

Time for many to proclaim their new resolutions. Set up goals and commit to new things. Wonder about where the hell the past year disappeared to and generally make promises that this year we will change.


Let’s be honest, huh?

If you didn’t do this in October, chances are slim that you will stick to it this time around. When you reach that place where you seriously commit to something, it doens’t matter what you say or when you say it. You just start doing it.

So instead of talking the talk, blabbering about your resolutions and proclaiming them loudly online because it results in likes, perhaps it is time to pick one of those things and really commit to it. Make it a tiny new habit that becomes integral to your life. Right now. Not tomorrow or next year. Right this very second.

Because we all know that “tomorrow” never comes and “now” lasts forever.

So do it now!

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North Community Editor.

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