Amazon Rainforest Love Story – Eduardo + Talita

Amazon Rainforest Love Story

Rafał Bojar

Rafal Bojar has found his way, and seeing his non-wedding work shows just how remarkable a level he’s playing at.

We approached him to share a feature with us, and hoped it would be something unusual and surprising. When we think of Rafal’s work, we don’t think “weddings”, we think conceptual and artistic. That, wrapped in unusual and surprising.

So he sent over a few GIF files from this outrageous session from the Amazon and yeah… see for yourself below. Unusual, surprising, absolutely beautiful.

We’re grateful to have Rafal as a presenter in Copenhagen and for today, as grateful he shared this incredible work of art with the community.

Words & Story by Rafal Bojar

We went with Eduardo and Talita to rainforest near Paraty, Brazil. I have found a special place for the story, an Airbnb location owned by a famous Brazilian architect called Arca. It is situated in the heart of a rainforest. Just 1 minute walking there is a secret spot with a river and waterfall. Everything there looks unreal.

The story began, and the most exciting visual moment of the day was when Talita and Eduardo entered a river just before their secret ceremony. Taking photos in rainforest can be very challenging because of humidity. It turns out that my lens and sensor became foggy and it stayed like that most of the time.

For this story, inspiration presented itself in two ways. First of all, I always try to ask my couples to write me their honest story. For me, it is starting point where I analyze what is all about their relationship.

But being in this Airbnb surrounded by rainforest was also very inspiring. The story we were making was called ‘Eduardo the Guardian Angel’. Talita was struggling with extreme shyness. What I noticed while being in a forest that palm tree branches looks like wings, angel wings.

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