Bar Napkin Brainstorm Review

Michael Antonia

At the big show in Copenhagen, we’re offering a series of workshops with current and past WUN presenters on April 23rd.

To see the workshop options available, here is the full list with descriptions.

In this blog post, we’re focusing on one workshop in particular: Bar Napkin Brainstorm hosted by Michael Antonia.

Michael has been coming to WUN since Rome. He’s DJ’d the parties, hosted the show, presented, and is hosting Bar Napkin Brainstorm again in Copenhagen. By now, he’s an irreplaceable part of the WUN community and we’re thankful for that.

The thing about Michael is he’s not “just a DJ”. Far from it. A super quick rundown of his ventures:

Owner at Office Party, YEAH Furniture, YEAH! Rentals and The Flash Dance. Those are the things you might have heard of.

What you might not have heard of are the other things he’s recently started, namely Frankies Los Angeles and Mission Road Studio.

These are just the things we know he’s doing. Hell, he’s probably got more but you get the idea hopefully.

The reason we’re sharing all of this is Bar Napkin Brainstorm is a rare opportunity. It just is.

It’s rare to get a person with Michael’s entrepreneurial credentials in a room for a day where his focus is on you. His outrageous experience all boiled down to match your needs.

Maybe you have a new business you want to start, maybe you want to change directions with your current one, maybe you’re just lost altogether and need a compass. If you need a boost of entrepreneurial vigour, you’re going to get that in spades at this workshop.

Below are a few familiar faces to the WUN community sharing their experiences from their time with Michael. Si Moore, who is a presenter at the upcoming event in Copenhagen, and WUN founder Cole Roberts.

10 spots are available for this workshop, and you can purchase your tickets below. Don’t miss this workshop because you likely will never get this opportunity again!

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