Embracing adventure: Community top picks #2

Beautiful Wedding Photography

Remember the classic wedding photographs people used to take?

We might not be aware how the industry looked like before the Internet, perhaps there was a group of wedding photographers doing this stuff 50 years ago too.

However, I doubt it.

These frames below tell us that people around the world are truly embracing life and adventure on their wedding day. We are fortunate to be part of this.

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North community editor.

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Photo by: “Magic” Maciej Suwalowski | Instagram: @maciej.suwalowski

Photo by: Lars May | Instagram: @larsmay_com

Photo by: Todd Hunter McGaw | Instagram: @toddhuntermcgaw

Photo by: Danelle Bohane | Instagram: @danellebohane

Photo by: James Frost | Instagram: @frostyphoto

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