Springtime: Community top picks #6

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Spring is here. Or, at least, soon it will be in most places.

While it can feel a distant way away, soon we’ll all be walking around in shorts, go to the beach and shoot weddings again. Perhaps some of you have already started.

Winter is like a good nights rest. You need it to recharge your batteries and get excited again. To contemplate life and try to figure out what you want to do differently.

Now it’s time to get going again! Way Up North is now gearing up for the Rome event and it is the perfect start to the season.

To fill yourself with inspiration and go out there and shoot.

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North Community Editor.

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Photo by: Desiree Leilani | Instagram: @d_leilani

Photo by: Cristiano Ostinelli | Instagram: @cristiano.ostinelli

Photo by: Timo Soasepp | Instagram: @soasepp

Photo by: Joshua D’hondt | Instagram: @joshua_dhondt_photography

Photo by: Max Wanger | Instagram: @maxwanger

Photo by: Tyler Branch Photo | Instagram: @tylerbranch

Photo by: Jonas Peterson | Instagram: @jonaspeterson

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