Balance: Community top picks #5

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Life is in essence the constant swinging of the pendulum between freedom and security. At times it can really feel like a battle, because we need that stability and grounding to get the energy to step out of that comfort zone and go out into the world and create something, but sometimes it is like we are stuck in the mud, dragging ourselves forward, and taking that step into the unknown is just. So. Hard.

As photographers we can feel this raging battle in our work. Do I get that safe shot or do I put in that extra effort, despite time constraints, difficulty in communicating a vision, that we feel more than we can verbalise, and the need for several variables that all need to fall in place at the right moment.

Perhaps the key is in embracing both security and freedom.

To balance on that edge, where both are needed.

//Mathias Cederholm, Way Up North Community Editor.

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Photo by: Kadek Artayasa | Instagram: @diktatphotography

Photo by: Ed Peers | Instagram: @edpeers

Photo by: Loke Roos | Instagram: @lokeroos

Photo by: Igor Novikov | Instagram: @_igor_novikov_

Photo by: Fabio Mirulla | Instagram: @fabiomirullaphotographer

Photo by: Tonhya Kae Photography | Instagram: @tonhyakae

Photo by: Karolina & Adam of Time of Joy Photography | Instagram: @time_of_joy_photography

Photo by: Daniele Torella | Instagram: @danieletorella_photography

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