Bröllopsfotograf Podcast

Bröllopsfotograf Podcast

As some of you have noticed, on October 7th we are hosting WUN Local. This is a Swedish-speaking gathering prior to the English version of Way Up North which kicks off on the 8th. Same venue, similar format, but everything in Swedish.

That got us thinking about our Swedish community, and how it would be nice to also have a Swedish podcast to listen to. So, we scratched our own itch and started one.

Host Jonas Burman

The host is a well-known personality in the Swedish photography scene: Jonas Burman. Jonas lives in Umeå, and runs a successful photography business up there. He has an eclectic background that could easily be a podcast on its’ own – he’s done a lot of stuff.

In addition to also being one of the presenters at WUN Local, Jonas has also started an exciting program for photographers called Camp Jonas. We wholeheartedly endorse this amazing initiative of Jonas’, and encourage you to check it out!

We hope you enjoy the podcast episodes, and we look forward to sharing more episodes in Swedish down the road!

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