Caleb Arias

Caleb Arias

Caleb Arias

When we asked Caleb Arias to present in Stockholm, we did so on the merit of his accomplishments. We’ve been a huge fan of his work with Gulf Photo Plus (check out their Instagram account and the Tutorial Tuesdays in their highlights – brilliant), and his portrait work is madness.

So the important part – what matters to you who are coming to Stockholm – is Caleb knows his stuff.

Then, there was the sentimental side.

We love how young Caleb is. He’ll be the youngest presenter we’ve had at Way Up North at the ripe age of 19 (!).

And, of course, we love that his father Zack is a former WUN presenter. How cool is that – a father, son will have presented at Way Up North?

Anyways, here is Caleb’s presentation title and description which he’ll be bringing to the big stage this October in Sweden.

Shitshow to Workflow

Tired of not being able to quickly find your images in your terabytes of hard drives? Do you feel your process of storing images can be improved? In this talk, Shitshow to Workflow, I will talk about how you can improve your photography workflow as well as what tools you can utilize to make you a more organized photographer.

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Tickets are 295€ + VAT until the end of May, then bump to 395€.

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