• Inspired. Committed. Now what?
  • Add substance to your style. Effective strategies for improving your business.
  • Propel your business to the next level. Practical presentations from 10 industry leaders.
  • A European wedding photography event that delivers relevant insights from around the world.
  • Si Moore

    Si Moore is a photographer from Auckland, New Zealand who spends a lot of time traversing the globe shooting street-scapes on medium format film on obsolete old cameras and then praying that it works out.

  • Jean-Laurent Gaudy

    I’m JL. I’m Parisian. I live a simple and happy life. I travel the world, shoot weddings and then return home to my loving wife. Can life get any better?

  • Rosie Hardy

    My name is Rosie Hardy, I’m 27 and an ambassador for Canon. I’ve shared my life online with self portraits for the last decade, and in doing so built a full career as a photographer, shooting weddings, celebrities and bands without ever openly advertising these services.

  • Emilie White

    I’m a London based portrait and wedding photographer. Originally French, I’ve lived in 7 different countries and I fell in love with an Australian man along the way. I now juggle two young kids and running my business. Oh…and sometimes I swear a bit too much, like any respectable French person.

  • Fer Juaristi

    Hi, I’m Fer Juaristi AKA Mexican Monkey, been doing this &^%$ for 13 years & learning everyday, an event like this change my life so know every time I get & invite I raise my hand & go for it.

  • Terralogical

    We are Bonjo and Govinda and we co-founded a wedding photography company based in Bali called Terralogical. What made us connected in the beginning was our passion in capturing human connections and emotions, and since we were both young teenagers back then, we were ruthless, stubborn and fearless on trying new unseen things in wedding photography, especially in our hometown of Bali.

  • Kara Mercer

    Hi, I’m Kara but you can call me Kare-Bear! With 12 years of experience as a photographer, I now mentor all over the world about wedding and commercial photography.

  • Brittani Hon

    I’m Brittani Hon (The other half of the duo, The Hons). My husband + I have a photography business based in New York City and we also teach a workshop how to not suck at business. I am always on the hunt for pizza, Gucci and a good time.

  • Sandra Åberg

    I’m very passionate about capturing beauty or creating it. Some people say I see the world in pastel colours and it is not far off – I tend to focus on the positive and I’m a big dreamer!

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Presented in the modern Italia – A contemporary theatre in the heart of Rome.

Novotel Cannes Montfleury is a sunny seaside resort, just a 10-minute walk from the Promenade de la Croisette.

Think pool bars, chilled-out vibes, and an intimate setting where the WUN community can relax.

We’ve loved our grand old theatres for many years now, but to change it up, we thought a pool party on the French Riviera would do the trick.

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