Changing Times & New Challenges Ahead

Adapting to Legal Changes

From one day to the next the world as we knew it was changed due to a pandemic – a lot of us have suffered losses – some more than others.

Sitting in silence creates room for new things to grow and Sandra Åberg and her partner in crime and photography Joe Marra decided to do something to help the community of photographers.

Joe is a lawyer who quit his job to pursue the world of wedding photography with Sandra – our speaker at a few Way Up North conferences.

As this new situation with Covid-19 arose, they revised the contract which Joe had already made bullet proof, and evolved over the years.

They made updates to cope with what now has to be covered, such as what happens if a wedding is postponed – to this year? To the following year? What about the income the loss etc. So they sat down and made a contract to cover our asses in case of and in light of the current crisis.

The contract is written by someone that knows all the ins and outs of the wedding photography industry – the places we can fail and get in trouble. It is based on years of experience of high end weddings with hard clients and big events with a myriad of situations at hand.

Depending on where you are in your career you might think you don’t need to cover for much so it might seem like overkill, but since we are all growing you can be covered rather than find yourself in some of the mess others have had to endure.

In these times of crisis people come together and through Jam Darling – a shop Sandra created with camera straps for female photographers – they decided to make the contract template available to their fellow photographer friends.

For the WUN community they have offered a special discount code of 50% – because you guys all rock. CODE: WUNROCKS

Why Do You Need a Contract?

You need a contract to cover your back in case something goes wrong, to make sure it does not ruin your business if something happens. You also want to show your clients you are a fair and reasonable, considerate, compassionate professional who is aware of what their clients’ fears and worst case scenarios are and that you will do everything in your power to prevent them from occurring.

Verbal and physical actions can constitute a valid contract, but of course you want your contract to be in writing, which is a basic requisite for it being legally enforceable.

Legally binding contracts must include essential elements in order to be enforced if needed. If one or two of these elements are missing, it may still hold up in a court, but it’s best to have them all covered, which is why we created this contract, when far too many online templates are inadequate.

A contract does not need to use difficult legal terminology, nor will that make it stronger in court but if it is comprehensive and understandable, if it shows you are aware of the potential worst case scenarios and can resolve them, it does make you look like a diligent professional.

If you need your contract customised Joe offers a 1 on 1 session of 30 min. for €99 to the WUN community.
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