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We are Erika and Lanny. We live together, love together, raise two kids together, teach together, and travel the world as a family together. Life, art, and business are all intertwined, for us, into an adventure from which we are constantly learning and growing as photographers, educators, parents and humans.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Blood on the Dance Floor.

Erika and Lanny will take you on an uncensored journey into their wildest wedding receptions, and share how they use dramatic light and captivating compositions to immortalize the action on the dance floor.

Photo: Daniel Stark

Zack Arias

I’ve been pursuing photography as a career for twenty years and it’s been a hell of a trip thus far. I have risen and I have fallen a number of times and I truly feel that I have finally reached base camp. On a clear day I can see my goal. On the not so clear days I’m still climbing. Still pushing. I’m pushing myself and my subjects and my craft.


Faced with growing stress and depression, he just kept his head down and kept working but he hated his photography. He came across a Chuck Close quote that he had read and talked about many times and for the first time it really struck him personally: “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just get to work.”

Zack stopped moaning and complaining and “got to work” and began shooting some of his best work to date. In this session Zack will talk about what led up to this rut and the steps he took to get out of it, as well as share the technical information about the images he’s now making.

A Wild Escape

When we show up to shoot a wedding, we seek to find the crooked smiles and awkward hugs. Fleeting moments taking place at the side lines of the highlights. Creating part of our couple’s legacy, it’s such a humbling and exhilarating experience and the biggest driving force behind our work.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Imperfect – Let Your Quirks Lead The Way.

In a world that constantly tells us how to be better and more efficient in business and life, there’s something liberating about embracing our imperfections. In fact, your quirks and (apparent) weaknesses can be the gateway to making your business truly stand out.

Photo: The Kitcheners

Samm Blake

I like to think of my images as the building blocks of an unfolding story. They’re little moments that capture the honesty and pure emotion of a wedding day. What you’ll find in my work instead are quiet interactions and stolen glances, I feel that’s what gives my photographs the poetic simplicity they’re known for.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Creating A Better Client Experience.

My talk is focused on the different ways we can enhance the experience we give our clients, from the initial enquiry through to the final image delivery. I will be encouraging you to take a look at where you are currently and sharing many ideas to expand your client experience.

Photo: Phil Chester


Kirk Mastin

I’m the founder of Mastin Labs and Filmborn. I’ve shot for The New York Times, LA Times, and National Geographic Adventure. I’m considered the founder of the ‘hybrid’ photography movement, shooting both digital and film for every assignment. I’ve been shooting hybrid weddings for over 15 years, but now focus on long term photography projects.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Your Business is a Bonsai Tree: Success Through Less.

I will teach you how to transform your business and reveal your voice through practical step by step methods that you can start on immediately. These steps increased my average profit from $3,000 to $8,000 per wedding while shooting ⅓ less clients. You will start choosing the clients YOU want to work with, make twice as much as before, and be treated with respect like a true artist. And it all starts with removing things are are hurting your business everyday without you realizing it.

Maciej Suwałowski

They call me Magic. I travelled endless space to finally find my place amongst the wizards of light, magician of moments, love catchers, or so called Wedding Photographers. I’ve studied ancient knowledge from aliens to turn myself into a social media/business machine – setting up goals, achieving them and being happy and successful with finding the right clients from my magic tricks with this funny thing called camera.

PRESENTATION: Dragons and butterflies.

Managing dragons and butterflies in the world where dragon it’s a business and butterfly it’s an art.

Photo: Zuzanna Suwałowska

Jen Huang

I find that my clients choose my photography because they love clean, light and fresh images filled with artistic details and romantic candids. I have a dedicated way of shooting live events and am very specific about the way that I capture wedding moments. I bring a stylist’s point of view to much of the day and often help my brides and grooms design their nuptials to look the most beautiful that it can. This includes photographing the details, portraits and candids in an editorial fashion and managing the natural light schedule. I also I shoot medium format and 35mm film, which gives my photos a classic feel.

PRESENTATION TITLE: How to NOT be a wedding photographer.

Every photographer has access to the best technology, the best software and the most popular tutorials, so what truly sets the most successful photographers above the rest? I built my business and my art on a simple rule – challenge the status quo: go against the grain and define the industry rather than let the industry define me. I will share my story on how I became not only a photographer but a creative director, and how I bring a stylist’s point of view to every event and portrait session to create the dream images that my clients love but could never envision themselves. What makes me different ultimately raises me above my competition.

Brinson + Banks

We first met in a photojournalism class in college, so we fell in love with storytelling at the same time. We didn’t fall in love with each other until 2 years later. We love light, we love hearing people’s stories, we love traveling and learning new things, we love collaborating, we love showing people a new way of seeing. These are all the gifts photography has brought us and we are so grateful we get to create, together, for a living.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Work That Pays the Soul.

We’ve been blessed to pay the bills by taking/making photos for more than 10 years now (whoa!) and of course we love what we do, but paying the bills doesn’t always pay the soul. We’re going to share the work we do that teaches us about the world, that we lay in bed thinking about at night, that keeps us passionate and excited about photography. And share how that passion-work translates into paying-work.

Photo Credit: Matt Eich

Carmen and Ingo Leitner

As a married couple we have grown into all this over the last decade together. We are constantly trying to be the best parents for our little girl, great wedding photographers for all our clients and smart business people for our income. We love to share everything we know with our community.

PRESENTATION TITLE: How to achieve your personal success in business.

Sometimes the amount of inspiration and success stories can be extremely overwhelming. No matter if you are starting out or running a business already, the next level is always waiting for you. We will be talking about different ways which will help you achieve your own success in business and life.

Photo Credit: Self Portrait

Alicia Swedenborg

I’m a mismatch of characteristics that together work surprisingly well for a wedding photographer: sensitive and talkative makes me a great people reader, bridezilla handler and predictor of what will happen. My racing mind helps me think on the spot and the ants in my pants embrace a fast paced timeline. However, being over-emotional about love only gives me a fogged viewfinder.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Preparation for inspiration.

You can call it being a curator, an art director or a get down and dirty fixer. But I strongly believe in taking charge of the circumstances so the moments can unfold naturally and trigger your inspiration.

Photo Credit: Erika Gerdemark

Jai Long

For the most part, my upbringing entailed a nomadic existence with my family. This consisted of makeshift homes made from the back of cars, tents, buses, homeless shelters and anything in between. Although this upbringing wasn’t ideal in many ways, this non material existence and tight perimeters with my family, taught me what I consider to be most important in life. The love I share with my family, friends and fiancée are what makes this life beautiful, and is what I treasure most in the world.

This belief may be part of the reason I have such a passion for photographing weddings. This day is such an important part of peoples life. It is a rare opportunity to communally celebrate love, together with your partner and all the special people that you have invited to be part of this day.

PRESENTATION TITLE: How to fuel a creative business.

Inspiration may be for amateurs, but the pro’s also need to draw inspiration from somewhere. Not only with their craft, but with their creative businesses. A business can be as creative as photography itself and I want to show you how you can bring more creativity to your everyday tasks.

Photo: Ryan Muirhead

Our Host

Anna Roström

I was born in Sweden.
I moved to Pakistan (long story).
I now live in Stockholm.
I have a hunky husband, a hyperactive life, and a neurotic reindeer at my backyard.
I travel everywhere for love (and for champagne).
I think that me time is going to the bathroom without my kid.
I love my bathroom, and my kid, in different ways.
I used to hunt criminals but now I hunt natural light.
I am actually not a small pig, surprise!
I am just a photographer with a strange nickname.

Photo: Henrik Roström

Our DJ

The Flashdance

I bought my first record at the age of 9 (45 of Frank Sinatra’s – New York New York). In 1996 I started DJing by night, while booking and producing shows in night clubs, theatres, and festivals by day. Two years later I took a job in marketing, advertising, and brand strategy. After 10 years of the Ad world I realised I needed more, so I walked away from the clients (stayed pals with the creatives) and moved to LA.

I started The Flashdance from my dining room table during the worst recession in recorded history with a pregnant wife and no money. In almost 5 years we’ve turned it into one of the most highly regarded brands in the wedding and event industry.

Photo: Dan O’Day | Videos: Shark Pig

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts with the presenters, and collectively we aim for people who inspire action with their ideas.

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