Taylor Jackson

I’m a Canadian wedding photographer that shoots 65 weddings per year as a single photographer studio. Before that, I photographed a lot of punk/metal bands. I got into weddings when my friends in those bands started getting married. They didn’t want to hire a traditional wedding photographer.

Kristen Marie Parker

I am a Seattle based photographer who has been photographing weddings around the world for 11 years. I pride myself in sheepishly hiding behind my camera as an introvert, while remaining my most confident self.

I was named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars and have won awards for my work through Junebug and Rangefinder. My work was recently featured in Vogue Magazine and I continue to give stage talks to other photographers across the globe.

Rafał Bojar

Since I remember I was obsessed with puzzles. Many years later when I grew up I discovered photography that became my passion. I realized that puzzles and stories have many ground rules in common. This changed completely my approach and clarified all the ideas for the stories. All my inspirations comes from people, my own believes and things that happened to me and them. One of my friends once said my stories look like a ‚personal cocktail’ that is a mix of many different ingredients. If you will taste them separately they could have a sweet, bitter, sour, normal or even dull taste. But if you have a courage to put them all together in accurate proportions, that’s the moment you can experience something unexpected that you never experienced before. That is my main goal. Not only to create stories but also to give people memorable experience.

Melli & Shayne

We’re all about adventure, authenticity and storytelling. With no destination too far, we are always inspired by true moments, genuine love, awesome people and heartfelt emotions. We truly believe that every couple, no matter who, deserves to have their love forever preserved in a beautiful series of images & films. We’ve learnt a lot during our 5 years in the industry, and absolutely love sharing what we know. We are dorks, we are doggo parents, we are educators and most of all, we are Melli & Shayne.

Maru Films | Remi Schouten

Having had my own full service creative agency in Amsterdam and having worked with many different clients, there was something missing. The satisfaction and graduate you get from couples after delivering their film is unlike anything a commercial client never has. Being able to create something that has such an impact and increasing value over time is a gift. With our films we focus very much on solid timeless storytelling, everything we do is with a lot of rationale, all so it stands the rest of time.

Inta Lankovska

I am a glass half full kind of person, a believer in the greater good and a girl boss. Seems like a perfect combo to be a wedding photographer. This crazy job to me is a joyful way to create memories, make a living and grow as a professional. I try my best to stay away from trends though not always successfully. I like to keep it honest, strive to create a feeling in my photography above all else and share the knowledge along the way.

Our Host

Hannah Millard

In 2010 I decided to take a year out of my university course to work on starting a photography business. I always said if it didn’t work I would go back and finish my degree. Nearly ten years later and I’ve still not turned back. I am known for my informal and relaxed approach to photography and filmmaking, and for my love of waffles. Mmm… waffles.

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