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  • Add substance to your style. Effective strategies for improving your business.
  • Propel your business to the next level. Practical presentations from 10 industry leaders.
  • A European wedding photography event that delivers relevant insights from around the world.
  • Bayly & Moore

    A couple of photographers who’re hell bent on acquiring genuine images, real friends, lots of vinyl and are even open to smuggling wine over borders if required (and it’s often required).

  • Carolina Segre

    I am a Copenhagen based wedding & lifestyle photographer and I am all about forming deep connections with my couples and making them feel like total badasses on their wedding day.

  • Maru Films | Remi Schouten

    Born and raised in the Netherlands with half Asian blood, always trying to find the balance between rationality and emotions. A serial entrepreneur constantly looking for new challenges and adventures.

  • Rafał Bojar

    My name is Rafal Bojar. I have no idea who I am as a creator however I’m obsessed with stories. I am a photographer, videographer, storyteller, narrator and I also develop ideas for music. I have been creating stories for 6 years already.

  • Melli & Shayne

    We are passionately capturing love stories since 2014. Our couples celebrate authentic and meaningful weddings surrounded by only the people they love and care for, without following any trends and convictions.

  • Taylor Jackson

    I’m a Canadian wedding photographer that shoots 65 weddings per year as a single photographer studio. I eat a lot of tacos.

  • Inta Lankovska

    I am a wedding photographer that believes in love and the grand things it can achieve.

  • Nisha Ravji

    I’m a kiwi photographer who’s been lucky enough to live an endless summer for the past 5 years and shot countless weddings all over the show.

  • Kristen Marie Parker

    Hi there! My name is Kristen and I’m a wedding photographer who’s based out of Seattle. After photographing for 11 years, my clients hire me for raw moments with an editorial touch.

  • Ryan Muirhead

    Hi, I’m Ryan Muirhead. I’m an artist living in Portland, Oregon. I like the things that humans like, like books, movies and art. I also say “like” too much. I’m working on it, but like, not right now.

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Presented in the modern Italia – A contemporary theatre in the heart of Rome.

The Queen’s Hall in The Black Diamond is one of the most iconic meeting halls in Scandinavia, and the home of WUN 2021 in Copenhagen.

Renowned for a stylish atmosphere and unparalleled acoustics, this design-lovers paradise will make the perfect setting for the 10th edition of the show.