Way Up North Copenhagen Presentations

Way Up North Copenhagen

Clean Slate

Every Way Up North has a theme. For Way Up North Copenhagen, it’s Clean Slate.

Noun: clean slate

An absence of existing restraints or commitments

What that means is each presentation will be connected to this idea. The presenters will interpret Clean Slate in a way that makes sense to them, and the guests in the audience will experience that interpretation.

We chose this theme with two groups of people in mind.

Those who are brand new to the game and are unsure how or where to start.

Those who have been around a while and are ready for a fresh direction.

Whichever group you fall into, we believe over the two days you’ll be injected with what you need to attack your path afterwards.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the illustrious characters who comprise the lineup for Copenhagen.

Nirit Gut-Karby

Between Art and Business

It’s a story about a romantic artist that was trapped in the digital business world – who learned a few things along this journey. She is happy today, and found her way in connecting the two worlds with meaning and value. It’s my story and your story, it’s the story of connecting spirit and earth, Business and Art.

Sam Hurd

The Paradigm Shift of AI in Photography

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is quickly working its way into all industries, and photography has just begun to embrace it. After the launch of Lightroom, the past decade has seen very little innovation of popular software tools that photographers utilize. The past 12 months have started to change all of that with third party developers leveraging Google’s AI ecosystem. Entirely new approaches to workflow are now possible, where the RAW dataset of images are processed automatically from cull through edit, with a photographer’s unique preferences entirely realized. I will outline every tool in my AI workflow, and prove how embracing AI early will not only lead to more time and efficiency in your business, but much higher profitability.

Taylor Jackson

Fastest Way To Full Time (Wedding Photography)

If I had to go back to 0. Start a wedding photography business in a new city. This is the step by step of what I would do.

Inta Lankovska

How Dare You

The journey of how one image restarted my photography career, work ethic and mindset.

Sandra Åberg

Love, Dreams & freedom to choose..

If you could do or be anything what would you be? If you dared to dream bigger than ever where does your mind take you? If you knew your greatest potential what would you tell your old self…

Ryan Muirhead

Being There – Overcoming Expectations & Showing Up

I recently had my first solo gallery exhibition which had always been a dream of mine. When I looked at the finished show I realized that most of the photos displayed had not been captured from creative ideas I had, they had been made in emotionally challenging times when I hadn’t wanted to be creating at all. The biggest barrier in making the work had simply been being there and letting go of expectations of how I should feel and act. I’ll be speaking about the specifics of this and how it relates to the work I want to continue making.

Maciej Suwałowski

The Magical World of Magic

3 ingredients of building magical brand of wedding photography.

Remi Schouten

The Story of the Storyteller

Everyone has a very busy life and we go from one project to the other. Before we know it many years have passed telling the stories from others, when do we think about our own story?

Frøydis Geithus

Embrace the unknown

How can you stand out if you always try to blend in? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years in photography, it is that I must trust my own path. To be brave enough to fail. Over and over again. “Acta non verba” (deeds, not words). And be your own mirror. We tend to be reflections of who people tell us we are. Start breaking the rules, and allow yourself to live your full potential, both as a photographer and a human being. I believe that we’re all creative creatures, but did you know that there is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function?

Rafał Bojar

Full Circle

I believe that things come full circle in our lives. The same rule applies to storytelling as each story has a structure and comes full circle. People are inspired by other peoples works, forgetting that their own life can be a source of inspiration for them. Artists should be willing to recall their childhood memories as they influence their perception of reality and help to find their own voice.

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