Copenhagen Wedding Photographer – Caroline + Nicolai

Copenhagen Wedding Photographer

Danish wedding on a horse ranch in Denmark? Yes please!

This feature was photographed by Serbian photographer Nemanja Dimitrić.

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Copenhagen Wedding Photographer

Words + Images by Nemanja Dimitrić

The wedding was hosted at the groom’s family horse ranch in northern Denmark, in the place called Rørvig. A small place, but surrounded by beautiful nature. The whole wedding was DIY based, from the flowers picked up at the surrounding meadows (included in the photos) to the ice for the drinks (ice used to keep the fish cool in the shops). Chairs, tables, glasses, plates…everything was collected from friends and neighbours. Everything was mismatched but gave a very family, cozy feeling all throughout the day.

The Moment of the Day

The groom was barefooted, the sun shined after three days of rain, the deer that popped up behind us for the portraits in the woods. You name it. But if I have to choose just one, a performance by grooms sister who trained her horse to do a Despasito choreography.

Challenging Conditions

The greatest challenge was to get around the place. Since there wasn’t a rent-a-car, only a few guests came by car and they were all already running various errands. At one point someone finished and gave me a ride to the bride’s place for a couple of photos before the church. After that, everyone was together and it wasn’t hard because everything was within walking distance (we had organized jeep transport for the portrait session).

High-Paced Day

There was no particular inspiration, I just wanted to capture everything and wanted to make as authentic as possible with all the effort put into making everything. The whole day was mostly on the go, and everyone was ok with it.

This was not a wedding that anyone could expect. It was more of a day of celebrating love, where each person was included, like in a giant hug.

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