Copenhagen Workshops

Jonas Rask

Want to add a new layer to your Way Up North experience in April? We’re excited to share that workshops have been added to the itinerary.

All the workshops will be hosted on April 23rd, and are treated as add-ons at €400 + VAT. So to be clear, the workshops are not included with your regular WUN ticket, but should you choose you can buy a seat for one of them.

All the workshops will be small – about 10 – 12 people – and we’ll share the locations where it will be hosted mid-February.

Cover image taken in Copenhagen by Jonas Rask

Bar Napkin Brainstorm

With Michael Antonia

Michael Antonia (aka The Flashdance, amongst other things) has been brainstorming business ideas for 20 years.

In that time he have been in the room for the beginning brainstorms for nearly 50 companies, they have literally been a part of transforming lives with a pad of paper and some piercing questions.

In addition he’s started a gang of businesses himself and has learned a lot along the trail.

If you are really ready to take the next steps, or if you have an idea that just needs to get out, (passion project, or startup) he has a proven method to take your idea off the shelf and give you steps to take it to market.

When: 16:00 onwards

Embrace the Panic Shoot

With Sam Hurd

Let’s talk about pushing the creative edge of composition and light using both simple and complex methods.

We’ll have a brief lecture that will set the stage for an improvised shoot with a real couple.

Incorporate double exposures, 3d printed tools, and everyday items to create unique images AND see it all streamed in a private live feed straight from my camera to your phone throughout the entire session.

Please Note: Sam is not presenting at WUN but was invited to host this workshop

When: 16:00 onwards

Fashion Inspired Wedding Shoot

With Sandra Åberg

We will start at my apartment near Nyhavn with a little workshop about wedding photography and my absolute highlight of what I contribute my success too.

Then we venture out in the city for a photoshoot with a gorgeous model and do some epic pictures fashion/ wedding inspired with some fun. Let’s aim to get more creative and look at old things in a new way. I imagine we shoot til the sun goes down in some of my favourite places in the city. I’ll show you how I shoot and you will have lots of space shooting.

All in all a workshop / hangout if you want to learn from me in a much more personal setting. I’ll be happy to have your requests on things you want me to touch on once you have signed up. Let’s keep it real and fun!

Please Note: Sandra is not presenting at WUN but was invited to host this workshop

When: 16:00 onwards

Secrets of Storytelling

With Rafał Bojar

I spent my whole childhood doing puzzles. I could easily lose the sense of time doing it.

The thing is, puzzles and stories have many things in common. After all, our life consists of seemingly random little details that affect our decisions. My inspirations are drawn directly from people and things which are connected to them.

Secrets of Storytelling workshops are addressed to people who are looking for answers how to build strong relations with couples and how to tell their emotional stories.

When: 11:00 – 17:00

Hard Light 101

With Si Moore

A principles-based toolkit for quickly finding and using hard light and strong shadows while you’re on the move and in the midst of a shoot, regardless of location/weather/drunken-ness/time of day/language barrier/galactic invasion.

When: 16:00 onwards

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