Creating Chances by Simple Tapestry

Opportunities come in all shapes in sizes. The trick is putting yourself in a position to create those chances, and then the extra initiative to make something special happen with it.

This story is one we’ve intended to share for a while – 2015 in fact. Brideen and Deci are an amazing duo from Ireland who attended the first Way Up North in 2015.

Their story below is a simple one with a valuable lesson: You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you take. And sometimes, you need to take a chance just to see what will happen.

Written by Brideen & Deci

Elise and Jens got asked the question at lot on their wedding day. ‘Why the hell did you bring two photographers over from Ireland?’ Well, there’s a bit of a story to it…

While attending the 2015 Way Up North conference in Stockholm, we listened to a lot of inspiring photographers talk about seizing the moment.

They encouraged us to be brave and to take photographs for the love of it. It made a lot of sense to us. Most of our favourite photographs have been completely spontaneous.

We’ve often done photoshoots with friends, inspired by the light or our surroundings.

One evening, after the conference, we were walking through Gamla Stan in central Stockholm and saw a cute couple huddled together, enjoying a stunning sunset.

Inspired by wonderful photographers like Fer Juaristi, Jonas Peterson and Nessa K, we approached the couple and asked to take their photograph.

Any ordinary couple would probably have run off… but Elise and Jens are not an ordinary couple. We had a chat and discovered they were from Leuven in Belgium and this was their first trip abroad as a couple.

We quickly took some photos and as we parted, joked that this could turn out to be their engagement shoot…

Just over a year later, Jens emailed us… “Are you guys interested in shooting a wedding in Belgium?

See the full story from Elise and Jens’ wedding here.

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