Dance Royale

Alright so lately we’ve been on this kick where we want to highlight what the Way Up North community is doing outside their main gigs. Maybe you’re starting a new business, maybe you’re taking a new artistic direction, etc.

So if you’re starting something new – get in touch – we’d love to share your story.

Dance Royale with Michael Antonia

Case in point of doing some good: Michael Antonia. He’s a legend in the WUN circles DJ’ing the epic closing parties, and equally as epic for his business insights he’s provided at his presentations over the years.

Recently, he’s been one of the minds behind Dance Royale. Spawned from a need to address some political urges, Dance Royale essentially evolved into a massive dance party which also raised money for CHIRLA.


Why is This Interesting?

Whether you’re a freelancer photographer in Kiruna or a full-time wedding photographer in Madrid – the key to this equation is community and a message. As you’ll hear in the podcast conversation below, Michael did this entire project to highlight a pressing issue, and addressed it head-on with a force of community behind him.

This is a classic example of your network is your net worth. You never know when that call for help might be made, so cherish those around you along your way and make it genuine.

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The Result

It went well. Check it out yourself below with an awesome roundup video made by Way Up North Stockholm 2019 host, Brian Morrow.

Scroll a bit further down and get a visual overdose with photos provided by Matt Miller.


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