Elopement in Tuscany – Joshlyn + Chad

Elopement in Tuscany

Elopement in Tuscany

Luno Films are filmmakers based in Italy, and we’ve quickly fallen for their remarkable work. When they shared this elopement in Tuscany with us, we had to share it with the community.

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Here is the story Joshlyn and Chad from heaven on earth in Tuscany – enjoy!

Luno Films

Words & Film by Luno Films

The rolling hills of Tuscany, among Volterra and San Gimignano, turned out to be the perfect frame for their romantic and authentic elopement. Delicate and wild, genuine and warm, beautiful and powerful, just like them and their love story.

Joshlyn and Chad are the purest example of how happy you can be if you just stick to your true desires. For them, getting married is not about the wedding: it’s about the partnership with your spouse, that you build day by day through dedication and perseverance. Their meaningful words are a reflection of this way of thinking.

The Location & Couple

Since the first moment we saw the location we knew that it would have been a beautiful set for the ceremony. We also had the lucky to happen in the middle of sheep. Their words were certainly the protagonists, they made us move everyone.

Our goal was to make a film that told their story at the best. We knew that we would not go through the classic stages of a wedding, and so we introduced interviews, so that the couple could tell us something about them.

We were excited and inspired at the same time, since the very first moment we started talking with Johshlyn and Chad, we felt very captivated by their idea of elopement in Tuscany.

Photography at this wedding was done by Roy Son.

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