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SmartAlbums have been a partner of Way Up North since day one. Every event dating back to the first, they’ve been there.

In this sponsored post, take an inside look into the significant steps they’ve taken with an already incredible product. Here is SmartAlbums, 2019 edition!


We became photographers because we love the art, we love creating, and we love to capture memories, but we also have to make a living from this crazy profession. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many days in a week. Between editing, booking clients, marketing, and running a business, the number of shoots you can do is always going to be finite. Photo albums have become a staple source of income for many wedding photographers, and for good reason. They’re an easy upsell; couples want a physical memento of their special day. They’re a great way for newlyweds to share their memories with family and friends, as well as relive the magic themselves.

Any photographer who includes photo albums as part of their product offering will know how frustratingly time consuming they can be. Sometimes they can seem like just another admin task to use up your precious shooting time.

For Daniel Usenko and Alex Prykhodko, photographers and co-founders of Pixellu, this frustration led to the birth of SmartAlbums. They wanted to create a solution that allowed photographers to earn more money while living more meaningful lives. For the two of them, that meant spending less time in front of their computers, not more.

Nine years later, SmartAlbums 2019 is here. Driven by the feedback of users and photographers, the latest version of their drag and drop album design software is their smartest and most powerful yet. The simple and intuitive interface delivers powerful performance allowing you to design a stunning photo album in 15 minutes.

SmartAlbums has grown in popularity, helping wedding photographers to save hours designing albums—increasing profit margins without wasting valuable time. The powerful drag and drop interface allows you to quickly cycle through beautiful layout options, re-organize your spread, and quickly add text.

“The workflow and client experience I’ve been waiting for with an interface that compliments my brand.”

KT Merry  Wedding Photographer

For those already familiar with the power and simplicity of SmartAlbums, the 2019 version makes it clear that Pixellu want to continue to grow and develop. Their latest update incorporates many features that their customers have requested, in a simple, beautiful, and intelligent way.

Single-Page Design

The ability to design single pages, not just double-page spreads, was one of the most requested features for SmartAlbums 2019. This much-awaited tool has been incorporated in their usual intuitive fashion to give you greater control throughout the design process without complicating your workflow.

  SmartAlbums Single Page Design

Tone Adjustments

A streamlined workflow is one of the easiest ways to save time while designing photo albums. SmartAlbums 2019 allows you to make Tone Adjustments and B&W conversions directly within the software.

  SmartAlbums Tone Adjustments

Spread Mirroring

If you’ve found a layout you love but would prefer it in reverse, one-click Spread Mirroring allows you to do just that.

  SmartAlbums Spread Mirroring

Type Tool Controls

Complete creative freedom and control over the design of your album are crucial to ensuring the final product is a beautiful piece you are proud to share. Improved Type Tool controls provide the flexibility photographers have been asking for to achieve a unique look that complements their images.  

Additional Updates

With performance updates, a redesigned interface plus the inclusion of ruler units and advanced color management, SmartAlbums 2019 is Pixellu’s fastest and most powerful version yet. Each new feature has been incorporated in response to user feedback to help photographers work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.  

“SmartAlbums 2019 is now even better with new features, a new look, and faster performance!”

Ryan DeVoll  Wedding Photographer


SmartAlbums has become a staple in the toolkit of many professional wedding and family photographers. By putting their users first, Pixellu continue to deliver software that is intuitive, smart, and incredibly useful. For those who regularly use photo albums to increase their profits, SmartAlbums has become a must-have tool. The 2019 release looks to not only maintain this position but to build on it, delivering an even more streamlined workflow and an enjoyable user experience.

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