Europe’s Best Wedding Photographer 2021

Fabio Miglio

Photo by Chris Denner

Europe’s Best Wedding Photographer 2021

The winner of Europe’s Best Wedding Photographer 2021 is Fabio Miglio. Fabio was named the winner live in Copenhagen at Way Up North, and the two finalists he inched out were Benjamin Wheeler and Heidi Kouvo.

How the contest works are photographers first need to be nominated. Whether someone is nominated once or 500 times doesn’t affect the final outcome, because every nominee has a shot to win. The next step after the nomination is submitting work from 2021 which is then judged. From there, the work is ranked and the top-ranking nominee wins.

Fabio joins an illustrious cast of previous winners. Linda Eliasson (2019), Karin Lundin (2018), and The Kitcheners (2017).

Below is Fabio’s submitted work, which earned him the top prize! Before getting there though, massive thanks to our sponsors for this category. What Fabio, and all the other WUN Award winners, didn’t realise is we’d lined up an amazing set of prizes to send them home with. Here’s what Fabio won:

Roadie Workshop Madeira Seat

€250 Voucher from Loxley Colour

1 year license for AfterShoot

Flothemes theme and setup service

Jam Darling Contract

ImagenAI 1000 Free Edits

12 month Rawsie licence

1 year sub for Octoa

Capture One Pro (21 & 22)

Thank you to everyone who nominated a photographer, thanks to those nominees who submitted their work, thanks to the judges, and congrats to the finalists. We look forward to doing it again in 2022!

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