Europe’s Best Wedding Video 2021

Europe’s Best Wedding Video 2021

Photo by Chris Denner

Europe’s Best Wedding Film 2021

The winner of Europe’s Best Wedding Film 2021 is Maru Films, and the story of Tim and Theresa from Karmøy, Norway. This makes Maru’s win back-to-back WUN Awards in this category as they won in 2019. Additionally, Maru stands alongside Cinema of Poetry (2018) and Ben Walton (2017) as previous winners.

Cinema of Poetry and Michał Sikora were finalists in the contest, so a huge round of congratulations on the accomplishment.

These stories are amazing on their own, but with a bit of context become that much more interesting. We asked Maru for a few words about the winning entry, and here is what they shared:

This wedding almost didn’t happen! The fate of the wedding of Tim and Theresa was for a long time in the hands of the Norwegian government. As Tim, being from the US, was not allowed to enter Norway for over a year due to the pandemic. A time that they had to spend apart from each other. Them becoming one through the bond of marriage would unite them again. It was only 2 weeks before the wedding it was finally decided the wedding could take place and that they could finally be together again. This emotional rollercoaster was the main driver for the concept of showing how they were apart for a long time and finally reunited together through marriage. – Maru Films

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