Europe’s Best Wedding Videographers 2021

Europe’s Best Wedding Filmmakers 2021

The winners of Europe’s Best Wedding Filmmakers 2021 are Alberto & Yago Video from Spain. They inched out the finalists in this category Innar Hunt and Yarets Studio, so massive congrats to those two as well for getting as far as you did in the competition!

Alberto & Yago join prestigious company. The previous winners of this award are Maru Films (2019) and Kaco Films (2018, 2017).

Massive thank you to the sponsors of this contest! Alberto and Yago go home with some glorious swag from the following sponsors:

1 year license for Pic-Time

Jam Darling Contract

1 year sub for Octoa

Now! The small video clip in this post is from the winners, who we knew would not be in attendance. They were kind enough to send it and we had every intention to play it live in Copenhagen. However, it landed in our inbox literally at the exact same time as they were announced the winners, so we were unable to show it live at the show.

Below you can see the videos they submitted which won them the contest. Thank you everyone for entering, congrats to the finalists and winners, and we look forward to doing it again in 2022!

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