Fall 2020 Pre-Sale


We’ve become slightly obsessed with delivering as much value as possible for guests who attend Way Up North. We start with the basics and build.

For example, the April gathering in Copenhagen. We started with a date and tickets were available for €145 + VAT – no further information was given, and this is how the scheduled ended up.

By releasing tickets with limited information, it does two things.

First, it makes tickets available at a very generous price for those who trust that we will deliver value.

Second, it puts the pressure on us to build an amazing experience for the community and nail the value. Since 2015, we’ve been determined every event to improve upon the last, so we welcome that pressure.


The fall gathering will be on October 13th and 14th, and aside from the date, we’re not sharing anything else right now.

The location is set and seeing as this is Way Up North’s 5 year anniversary, we will make it special.

If you’re curious where it will be, we don’t blame you. All we will say for now is:

It’s the city the WUN community wanted.

It’s a city in Europe with a significant airport so is easy to get to.

The last time we listened to you, we chose Copenhagen as the location and that – on paper – has been a winning decision. So we’re listening again, and to be honest, we’re thrilled with the October home of WUN.

You’ll need to be sitting in the theatre in Copenhagen on April 22nd at about 16:52 to get more details.

However, if you trust us, today you can purchase tickets at the lowest price possible.


If you trust us, tickets are available at the lowest price point they’ll be at. There won’t be any tricky Black Friday deals, no Holiday sales, no 2-for-1 deals, nothing.

This is the lowest price, and here’s the breakdown:

Today – April 22nd | 145€ + VAT

April 23rd – April 30th | 195€ + VAT (ticket price increases once the host city is announced)

May 1st – May 10th | 295€ + VAT

May 11th – August 29th | 395€ + VAT

September 1st – October 11th | 595€ + VAT

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