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  • Is Way Up North a VAT-Registered Business?

    Yes, Way Up North AB is a registered business in Sweden, with the VAT registration number SE559375466501.

  • Is There a Recommended Hotel?

    Yes, we recommend HF Fénix Urban, located 350 meters from the host venue, Villaret. If you use this link, you can receive a 10% discount on the best available rates on the HF Hotels website. While we recommend HF Fénix Urban, the 10% discount link will work for all HF Hotels in Lisbon on the days of Way Up North. Please note – you need to use this link in order for the 10% discount to be applied.

  • What About the Closing Party?

    The Wooden Banana Closing Party is scheduled for October 23rd, from 21:00 to 02:00. As a guest of Way Up North, you’re automatically added to the guest list. We’ll share more details about the party closer to the date.

  • What If I Can’t Attend Registration on Monday, October 21st?

    Don’t worry if you can’t make it to registration on Monday, October 21st. You can still pick up your badge at the theatre foyer on Tuesday or Wednesday. While attending registration on Monday is optional, we encourage you to do so.

  • Are There Workshops at Way Up North Where I Can Build a Portfolio?

    While Way Up North primarily focuses on presentations and networking, we do offer occasional sessions hosted by sponsors. However, these sessions are not guaranteed and should be considered bonuses rather than core components of the event. If you’re looking to build a portfolio, we recommend exploring specialized workshops like Roadie Workshops, which offer in-depth portfolio-building opportunities.

  • Will There Be Breaks During the Event?

    Yes, there will be three scheduled breaks each day, accompanied by designated mingling sessions at the beginning and end of each day. Additionally, Villaret features an on-site café, and sponsors will be located in the foyer, providing easy access to all essential services.

  • Where Will Way Up North 2024 Take Place?

    Way Up North 2024 will be hosted at Villaret in Lisbon, Portugal. The exact address is Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 30A, 1050-122.

  • What Is the General Schedule for the Event?

    The schedule for Lisbon will be released early September.

  • What Are the Dates for Lisbon?

    The registration process will take place in the afternoon on October 21st, and the main event will unfold on October 22nd and 23rd.

  • How Can I Connect with Fellow Guests?

    The Way Up North Facebook group is the primary platform for connecting with fellow guests. If you’re not on social media or have ideas to share, feel free to email us, and we’ll help you get connected.

  • How Do I Join the Facebook Group?

    Joining the Way Up North Facebook Group is easy. Simply agree to the group rules, and you’re in! All are welcome to become a part of our vibrant community.

  • Can I Feature My Work on Way Up North’s Instagram?

    Yes, you can! While direct posting isn’t available, you can tag your work with #wayupnorth. This helps us curate content and gives your creations a chance to shine on our platform.