Finland Wedding Photographer – Johanna + Mika

Finland Wedding Photographer

Finland Wedding Photographer

Johanna Vinberg (formerly Rosenlew) is a Finland wedding photographer and familiar face to the Way Up North family. So when we saw her and Miika’s wedding was photographed and filmed by Melli & Shayne, we had to ask about featuring it.

Melli & Shayne will be presenting next April in Copenhagen, which is part of the excitement as well with sharing this wedding. They’ve blazed an impressive trail for themselves over the past few years and are quickly becoming household names within the wedding community, and for obvious reasons – their work is ridiculous.

So, here we go with a little WUN-fest from Finland. Make sure you make it to the bottom of the post and enjoy the film as well!

Words, Images & Video by Melli & Shayne

The wedding was hosted at the bride’s family farm. It was a rustic yet elegant setting with a very cosy and family style feel to it.

The frame for the wedding was a traditional family affair but still leaving lots of room for a relaxed and modern atmosphere.

Lighting Challenges

We definitely had to deal with a numerous of different lighting scenarios throughout the day, from harsh sunlight during the early afternoon hours, constantly changing lighting throughout the ceremony, a very dimly lit dinner venue and a very late sunset.

Lucky for us, the bride being a very talented photographer herself, helped to accommodate the situation in their timeline as best as she could and even made room for a sunset shoot at 23:00!

Inspired by Finland

Our inspiration was definitely drawn from the huge love we hold for Finland, having lived there for a couple of years ourselves.

Secondly, the couple’s family and friends as well as their own relaxed, loving and caring characters.

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