French Translation in Cannes

Way Up North Cannes

Vive La Translation

The theme for Way Up North Cannes is The Obstacle is The Way. Now, here’s our little secret about one of the reasons that was chosen.

French photographers.

We know you’re out there. We’ve heard rumours you’re bountiful in numbers. And you live in one of the most frequented destination wedding countries on earth.

So surely you’re there, right?

Euros Love France

But here’s the thing, the numbers at previous Way Up North events never showed you existed. At least not in the attendance, which is why we brought the show to France instead.

It was a risk we wanted to take, and looking at the numbers, there are a lot of people who love your beautiful country as people are coming from around Europe to the show.

However, our French friends are not, aside from a few brave soldiers.

Translation Countdown

So here’s our situation: You can’t force something upon people if they don’t want it. Which is ok, this is life, and we are cool with that.

What that also means is French translations services will be removed from the equation if we do not reach a certain amount of people looking for this service. We’ve set a number, and by December 1st if we do not reach that number, no translation will be offered in Cannes.

Let’s not twist this though: We want French photographers to come. We truly do. But if it’s not happening, it’s not happening, and we can live with that.


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