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Way Up North Stockholm

With each event, we’re guided by a theme. Something short and to the point which acts as the North Star.

For example, Stockholm 2017 was Ideas to Action. Cologne 2018 was Inspiration is for Amateurs. Cannes 2019 was The Obstacle is The Way.

You get the idea. Short and sweet, but pack a punch.

After we settle on something we love, we then choose presenters who we believe fit the mould of the idea. Presenters are told the theme, and asked to revolve the content of their presentation around this thought.

Inspired. Committed. Now What?

Four words have acted as the tag line for Way Up North since we began in 2015. The underlying message with this is getting out there and doing something. Experience the event feeling inspired and committed, but then what.

And that’s the problem we tried to solve with Way Up North. Addressing the now what.

Ice T

Then we saw one Ice T clip and the fog lifted. We had our theme for Stockholm 2019.

For a bit of context, we know swearing is not generally accepted – and nor should it be. Swearing for shock value is unnecessary.

However, this isn’t about swearing. It’s about the message behind it. So take 90 seconds if you’d like to peak behind the curtain with our thinking, and why the theme for Stockholm 2019 is what it is.


Tickets are 295€ + VAT until the end of May, then bump to 395€.

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