How The Unscripted Posing App Can Change Your Photography Business

Unscripted Posing App

So you’ve left the messy prompt cards and stiff poses in the past with all of the bad haircuts and questionable fashion choices. You’ve downloaded our game-changing posing app, and joined the league of photographers capturing raw emotion and authentic moments. Perhaps you’ve even been pleasantly surprised when you brianstorm your session with your client and they get so excited they steal your phone from you so they can practice the poses at home before your shoot. There’s no doubt about it, Unscripted Posing App has made your photography life easier. But we thought, “why stop there?” We’ve just rolled out a bunch of sweet new features to make the app bigger and better for our users. This guide will take you through different and creative ways people use the app, guide you through the tabs and features, and make sure you know it like the back of your hand so you get the best of what it has to offer.

Take your business to the next level

When we created the app, we never imagined all of the ways that photographers like yourself would end up using it. Apparently someone even invented a hotshoe adapter mount so you can attach your phone directly to your DSLR, having the prompts right in front of you, on tap. And if you’re worried about whether or not it’s the kosher thing to do, busting out an app on shoot, rest assured knowing that we canvassed our 25k strong community of photographers about this exact thing. Here’s what we learned, and more:

1. Have it in your pocket

No need to beat yourself up if you need to refer to your phone throughout the shoot, the client doesn’t actually expect you to have memorised a million prompts! The priority is to capture the special moments and hand over a sparkling collection of photographs at the end of it, not to linger for too long in that awkward mid-shoot “what’s next” moment. So have it in your pocket, or attach it to your camera, or do whatever you need to do, but make sure you’re taking advantage of the 1,200 poses and prompts the app gives you access to.

2. Take the exhausting prep work out of pre-planning for your sessions

Based on your client questionnaire, you’ll have a pretty good handle on what kind of vibe your client will be bringing to the shoot. Are they the big energy, chase-each-other-into-the-sunset kind of people? Or do they take a bit of time to unfold, slow and quiet, kind of like the first blush of daylight? Maybe they’re a bit of both, or somewhere in between, but no matter where they fall, we’ve got an abundance of poses and prompts that will feel natural to them. Pre-plan your shot list based on their answers, make a moodboard together, and create custom photoshoots in the app so you have easy access to them on the day.

3. Pull your clients into the process

Sharing the poses with your clients instead of spending ten minutes trying to cryptically describe each pose maximises your time getting the golden shot. Instead of harnessing your assuredly sharp charades skills, touch base with them 30 minutes into the session and ask them how they’re tracking. Take a moment to go through the poses on the app with them, and if they seem up for it, encourage them to try something they might not normally be into.

Tabs and Features

Still familiarising yourself with all the new-fandangled bells and whistles of Unscripted? We’ve got your back. In this next section, we’ll lead you through the various tabs and features the app has to offer.

Categories For Every Kind Of Shoot

From newborn to weddings, we’ve got you covered for any kind of photoshoot someone slides into your DMs asking you to do. Unscripted members get full access to all our categories with 3000+ poses & prompts that take the legwork out of photoshoot prep. So you can always show up prepared, calm, and inspired. With new content added weekly, Unscripted will help you confidently master candid posing.

Pre-save Poses & Prompts

Pre-save and organise all your poses and prompts for each client so you can have it all at the tips of your fingers for those mid-shoot lull moments.

Upload Your Work

You can upload your work privately or get featured on the app! All of the content that we use has been submitted by photographers from all over the world just like you! Submit your work to be featured publicly or on the app, or upload images privately to your own private folder. Save all those disorganised screenshots in the one place.

Sun Tracker

Photographers are constantly on the search for the holy grail of perfect lighting (because lighting is err-thang), and guess what?! We’ve created a Sun Tracker for you to have direct access to information about what the light will be doing where you are, and when. It pulls everything we know about the skies into a streamlined platform so you can explore the margins of light. Make it your accomplice; bathe your subjects in the buttery rays of golden hour, or schedule your shoot during blue hour for more delicate, peaceful, and muted tones. Avoid the disaster of booking sessions in the dark by checking light times for the date of any upcoming photoshoots.

Camera Settings Guide

Have you ever forgotten your ideal camera settings for a sparkler exit just as guests are passing around the lighters? Check out our quick, go-to guide that encompasses many of the common lighting scenarios so you can set your camera to the optimal settings to achieve the best result. From full sun, to dragged shutter reception lighting, you’ll never be stuck again.

My Photoshoots

– A full client management tool-

Save your client details: This one is a lifesaver for when you rock up to your session and completely forget your client’s kid’s name! You’ll also be able to pre-save poses and prompts for each individual session so that you’re ready to rumble as soon as you get there.

Client questionnaires: Send your clients our quick, beautifully-designed questionnaire before you meet them. Their answers will let you pre-select the right poses and prompts for their session. Plus, it helps you look even more professional.

Invoices & Contracts: Send your clients beautiful invoices and contracts that they can digitally sign and return to you. You’ll receive their signed contract via email and in your app!

Set automatic reminders: Set reminders and add notes so that you’ll stay on schedule during a shoot and remember to get all the right shots. You can also mark a client as paid or unpaid, and confirm whether they’ve signed their contract.

One-click pre-filled client messages: Sick of always typing out the same emails and texts over and over again? Instantly send your clients a message to say ‘thank you for booking,’ ‘here’s what to wear,’ ‘what to expect during your upcoming session,’ or ‘please leave me a review!

Take notes and set goals: If you’re in the business of learning from your mistakes and setting little goals to help keep you motivated, use this section to keep tabs on what you’re proud of and what you’d like to work on so you can grow into your best self yet.

Plan, schedule, and follow-up shoots with this organisational guru of a feature. Here’s what’s in store:

Education Section

There’s no rest for the wicked! With so many platforms, educational courses, and online webinars to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start to invest your money. We’re constantly upgrading this section to bring you guides to help you boost your photography game. Keep checking back as we add this regularly and have some great rich resources to help you elevate your art.

Tools & Resources

We have searched far and wide for the best of the best resources to pass on to our Unscripted community. Having personally tried all of the things on this list, we can vouch for the quality and integrity of each and every business. Have a peruse of our editing software, presets, prints and albums, online courses, directories, and workshops so you can feed the creative fire we know is burning inside of you.

Join Our Referral Program

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But perhaps most important of all, connect to the people around you! Share your experience, teach each other things, and chime in on the conversation 24,000+ other photographers are already having on our Facebook group. It’s been such a blessing for us to create a community of like-minded individuals, chatting about all things photography and life. Make some new friends, network, and get the low-down on what it’s like to be in the industry. And if you’ve got some good shots in the archives (we know you have some good shots in the archives!), we’d love you to submit your work to get featured. We even have a fancy featured badge you can add to your website, for a little extra cred.

We hope this was helpful, and as always, don’t hesitate to shout out if you have any questions! We love hearing from you.

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