Intimate Iceland Wedding – Lena + Lukas

Intimate Iceland Wedding

This intimate Iceland wedding is a story told by Mónika Frias.

For a bit of context, Mónika presented at Way Up North in Stockholm in October 2019. Part of her presentation was showing this story on the BIG screen in the theatre – start to finish – and the entire room was blown away. Legit… blown… away

That got us thinking about all of you who weren’t in the room, or maybe haven’t come across this story online. This feature is for you, because in all honesty, it is one of the most brilliantly told wedding stories we’ve seen

So kick back, grab a beverage, and let Mónika share some of the thinking behind the story of Lena and Lukas in Iceland. And afterwards, make sure you dive into more of Mónika’s work!

Words and Story by Mónika Frias

Intimate Iceland Wedding

The wedding was held in a beautiful little valley next to a small river in the South of Iceland, very close to the house where we later had dinner and some beers. It was a cloudy summer day, the summer Solstice to be more specific, So we had light for the whole 24 hours.

Each moment of this wedding was beautiful, the light during the day was just perfect, but those minutes we shared with the horses while taking some portraits… I’ll never forget the beauty of it!

Everything was going perfect until after the ceremony I noticed that the microphone on top of my camera was not working, I started to review all the footage and everything was mute. I shot before that was completely mute. It was a very hard and stressful moment, but it was the past and I couldn’t change it so, I took the mic out and kept going.

Usually I go with the flow, I almost never go to a wedding with ideas on my mind, but in this case, I was shooting a wedding in a very special day, the longest of the year, so I had the idea of using that as a thread since the beginning.

It was a very small wedding so only the couple, their family and friends, the photographer Pablo Beglez and me were present.

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