Kara Mercer

Kara Mercer

Some of you may remember Kara was scheduled to present in Cannes. Well, she had an amazing reason for not coming in the end: Baby action! That’s right, she became a mom to a healthy little one.

When we discussed this with Kara, one thing was clearly communicated: We had to get her to Way Up North again at some point.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long as her schedule was from this October. Kara is all-class, and we can’t wait to hear her presentation in the fall.

Check out her presentation title and description below.

Ticket Price Increase

Quick heads-up: tickets are €295 + VAT until the end of this month, then increase to €395 + VAT.

Presentation Title & Description

Gumption & Grace : A Southern Mentality

For the last year, those two words have been “IT” words in my life. You have to just keep saying yes to things and have the gumption to do so. Much of what separates us all is our ability to move past fear and truly throw ourselves into the deep end. There have been many points in my career that this mentality has truly paid off. When it doesn’t, I have learned to give myself grace and learn from the risk I made. Let’s chat and I will share with you ways these practices have launched my career forward!

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