Karin Lundin

Karin Lundin

Karin’s had a quick rise within Scandinavia. Those of us here who have admired her quick tractory quickly understood why: She’s the real deal.

At first, her work caught our eye. Then after inviting her to present at a Swedish event last December – WUN Local – wow were we sold. She’s got it.

So for those of you who Karin Lundin is new to, you’re in for a treat. And for those of us who know what a gem she is, how lucky are we to get to enjoy hearing her pour heart out this October? Love it.

Here is Karin’s presentation title and description.


I’m going to abandon everything I learned growing up and just be upfront about it. I made it. How I know? It’s my intro you’re reading. How I got here? I did some things decent, some great and some extraordinary. Now I’m going to tell you a bit about them, which of them actually mattered and why.


Tickets are 295€ + VAT until the end of May, then bump to 395€.

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