MAY 7 + 8, 2024, FLORENCE, ITALY


‘You Thought You Knew You’ is the theme for Way Up North Florence. Our presenters will delve into their personal creative journeys, challenge prevailing assumptions, and embrace new perspectives. Attendees are invited to a deep exploration of artistic transformation and inspiration.

In Florence, we offer two formats for presenters: 45-minute keynote presentations and 10-minute WUNX presentations.

The WUNX presenters face a unique challenge: they must deliver a timed presentation featuring 10 slides, each displayed for exactly one minute. This format requires them to be quick-thinking and well-prepared!

Overall, there will be six WUNX presenters and nine keynote presenters, each delivering a 45-minute presentation. The lineup will begin to be revealed towards the end of 2023 and will be fully announced in the new year.

Jackson Grant

I’m in an endless dance when I champion variety in what guests are up to, and find joy in the balancing act of giving couples what they don’t actually see on the day, whilst deliberately risking pre-conceived compositions. I fucking hate the word ‘candid’. It’s my responsibility to go so far in the other direction.

Jeff + Cat Chang

We’re a husband and wife photography duo calling Vancouver, Canada home. We’re visual artists, business owners and above all partners. We strive to find like-minded people, whether those looking for a photographer, photographers themselves or just new friends. Say hi, we won’t bite.

Govinda Rumi

A lot of my photographer friends lose passion after 10+ year, that is why main-quest now is sharing on how I make photography a fun, non-mundane, simple and exciting job for emerging/burnt-out photographers. When you enjoy your job, there are limitless possibilities on how amazing your work could be.

Opi Kaur

I have always loved bringing people together, from hosting gatherings in my living room in my early teens to travelling around the world to bring visions to life. Connection, beauty and love are what drive my projects, and I I strive to infuse every design with sensory experiences that truly resonate.

Morgane Gielen

I am Morgane Gielen, a Belgium-based lifestyle and fashion photographer. I focus on creating more inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry, which I find very important. That is also the reason why I started my modeling agency called No Babes Agency where I represent models and other creatives that share my vision.

Raïs De Weirdt

Hi! I’m Raïs, an enthusiastic yet devoted and dedicated wedding photographer from Belgium, although staying less in Belgium than anywhere in the world. You can find me running through the mountains for an epic shot, just the same way as you see me running at a wedding day because I “saw something incredible to shoot”. What is it you dream of? I cannot wait to expand our horizons together.

Isabelle Hesselberg

Photos are so much more than pieces of paper or pixels stored on your phone or laptop. They’re memories made solid. They’re tiny opportunities to travel back in time and relive emotions. I want people to laugh and tear up at the memories my photos evoke. I might not have any pictures of my dad at my wedding, but I’m committed to creating images that will help my clients hold on to those precious moments. While surrounded by those who show up for them, the ones who support them on that first day of marriage. The ones they love the most.

Our Host

Nadja Endler

You know when you have a problem and the answer is just in front of you? Well that’s how it kind of felt when I realised that I – a city living gal – get the absolute most inspiration when photographing weddings in the midst of big cities.

Ben Higgins | WUNX

I believe art and human connection are two of life’s greatest joys. Being able to create for a living is what set me out on this photography journey, but it’s the connection I’ve witnessed between couples, their friends and families that have kept the ship sailing. I simply see my work as an ode to them.

Magda Głowacka | WUNX

I’m Magda, a Polish photographer based in Tuscany, known as Fotomagoria. As a child, my dream was to be a National Geographic photographer, envisioning myself as a female Indiana Jones capturing tigers and cheetahs on camera. Although I didn’t follow that exact path, I’ve become a memory weaver, sharing images of loving couples while balancing cooking pasta for my kids. My yearning for thrilling adventures never faded, and I’m gradually fulfilling it through wedding photography. I strive to infuse life into every moment I capture, believing that even within the bounds of love and family, there exist exhilarating journeys waiting to be embraced.

Myriam Ménard | WUNX

Hey, I’m Myriam! A thoughtful witness of how relationship unfolds, as the result of a complex masterpiece. I strive to lift you up and show you as the work of art you are. My cinematic style evokes the dreamy wash of Old Hollywood glamour, embodying a luxurious, ethereal aesthetic with quite modern undertones.

Martina Lanotte | WUNX

As wedding photographers we hold the power to redefine norms and establish new narratives. If we keep taking photos like it was the 50s, nothing will change. To ignite a revolution, let’s reshape our visual identity. Capture diverse love stories. Challenge the old narrative. Be the force that guides in the new era.

Rebecca Lundh | WUNX

On my good days I’m Queen of the North, on the regular days I’m just Rebecca. I live in the arctic, way above the arctic circle and specialize in winter weddings. In a sea of ​​warm tones, dark and moody wedding photographers, I am the clownfish who loves crisp white and blue shadows.

Taylor Jackson | WUNX

I’m Taylor Jackson. I love photographing weddings because you’re creating something that is instantly valuable for your couple, and will be passed down from generation to generation.

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