When everyone’s zigging, what’s your zag?

The theme for Berlin is ZAG, inspired by Marty Neimeier’s book of the same title. Each presenter’s task is to interpret the theme and answer the question, ‘What’s your zag?’ which connects with points of differentiation in their journey.

There are two presenter formats for Berlin. 45 minute keynote presentations, and 10 minute WUNX presentations.

The WUNX presenters have a unique challenge as they have a timed presentation that shows 10 slides, each for exactly 1 minute. So they need to be on their toes and prepared!

In total, there will be six WUNX presenters and nine presenters delivering 45-minute presentations. The lineup will start to unfold in mid-June and will be fully announced by the end of the month.

Igor Demba

As artists it is our responsibility to foster our gifts and chase creativity. It is a bit of an obsession. Add travel, incredible destinations, culture and people in love to the mix and my artistic heart is singing. I can’t wait to meet all you Way Up Norther’s and get creative.

Elke & Leentje

We want to keep doing this for a long time. So we call bullshit. To the starving artist stereotype, to the idea that people will simply not pay higher rates, to being underpaid for this incredible job we do, to burning out after a couple of years. We’re changing things in our market. We believe you can, too.

Yan Palmer

I believe in kindness over coolness, laughter as therapy, doing whatever it is you do with heart, and taking the time to see the people and the world around you. I rely on as little as possible to get the job done- a few beat up film cameras, shadow, light, words and the elements.

The Framers

We’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years and we’ve learned that what really moves us is the possibility to grasp all those small moments that otherwise would pass by unnoticed but, once captured, have the power to generate a reaction in anyone who sees them.

Stijn Willems | WUNX

I get lost in the moment when I’m behind a camera. I love capturing the beauty of the mundane, steal the loving glimpses between couples and the outburst of emotion during such joyous occasions. It is an humbling and fulfilling experience to give my client those memories over time.

Pyry Kantonen | WUNX

I’m eternally fascinated by the diversity of people, cultures, arts, architecture and natural environments in our world. Weddings are possibly the greatest way to dive in the middle all of these all at once. Photography opens windows through which I get to see and experience different lives around me. To live more, in a way.

Nadja Endler | WUNX

You know when you have a problem and the answer is just in front of you? Well that’s how it kind of felt when I realised that I – a city living gal – get the absolute most inspiration when photographing weddings in the midst of big cities.

Edwina Robertson

I’ve never seen myself as a photographer, if anything, more a “faux-tographer”. Photography isn’t my passion, storytelling is. Photography is the medium I get to share those stories. And by sharing images with those stories I can be more impactful with the messages I want to share with the world.

Olya Vysotskaya

Born into an artist family in the former Soviet Union, I’ve journeyed through most of my life as a photographer. I call New York my true home and my camera – my true voice. Everything I can not put into words, I put in my photographs. This is how I make sense of the world and my place in it.

Kit Bøhnke | WUNX

In life, photography is the calm to my storm. It gives me a sense of direction, a purpose, a creative room to play – and most importantly, it brings joy to people. I photograph to capture moments that become the windows to important memories to someone, preserving the magic of fleeting instants in everlasting frames.

The Richters

Being aware of the value of everyday moments, we depict not only how people get married on these days but also portray big changes of our era, like women’s empowerment and gender equality. We treat, either big or small moments, as the same. They both represent the truthfulness of a day like this.

Kate Hampson

I’m always thinking about what these images will mean to the couple in decades to come. I document the beautiful chaos of a wedding, nothing posed, for a punch of instant nostalgia. My top request from couples is “wedding photos that don’t look like ‘wedding photos’”. On film.

Mari Trancoso

I am Mari. I weave the roots from where I am from and my never-ending curiosity of the human condition into the art that I create. Life is moving fast, the momentum is building. Each moment that passes us becomes archived and we will miss and forget most of those moments. That is why I create the art I do, to memorialize and relive what we are soon to forget.

Dalibora Bijelić | WUNX

Hi, I’m Dalibora. Friends call me Daby, Dali, Dalibee. I always thought that good photography comes from the heart. From what and who you really are. I am in love with people who are not afraid to connect with me on a personal level and let me into their world. That way, my photography becomes authentic and true recording of a human story. I do not seek for perfection in my work. I seek for the real and the honest.

Maciej Suwałowski | WUNX

Hey there, I’m Magic, the ‘wizzard’ of wedding photography based in Warsaw, Poland. I specialize in capturing the joy and energy of happy people in vibrant and energetic photos. With my camera in one hand and a magic wand in the other (for purely decorative purposes, mind you), I weave spells of laughter and create unforgettable moments. I might not actually possess mystical powers, but my photography certainly has a magical touch. When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me conjuring up YouTube tutorials and educating fellow enthusiasts. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a family guy too? Balancing a camera, a wand, and a household with 4 kids is truly a magical act in itself.

Dan O’Day

Me again. I feel like wedding photography should be an umbrella term. Why does it have a hold on me? Well Dan, let me tell you. So much of my interest in image making, comes from fine-art, landscape, fashion, street and portrait photography. I feel like weddings give me access to all of the above. The bonus points are that the images mean something to someone. Plus. the pay is pretty sweet

Our Host

Amor’s Not Dead

We’re photo and video beasts currently siping unspecified liquids in Prague. We don’t obey rules much, but they say we’re fun at weddings. There’s some crucial skills such as karaoke mastery, body inexhaustibility and infectious positivity, that kept us in the wedding industry for so long and brought us together.

Our DJ

Adriana Mižigárová + Ondrej Rychnavský

The cinema in Berlin will be buzzing as Adriana Mižigárová and Ondrej Rychnavský are returning for their second Way Up North. We loved them in Prague, so having them perform during the event in Babylon Cinema this fall is a real treat.

The Flashdance

The Flashdance is a DJ company in Los Angeles, CA, started by Michael Antonia back in the day. Although technically retired, we somehow keep persuading Michael to return for the Way Up North Closing Party. Prepare yourself – the party in Berlin is set to be lit with Michael behind the decks.

With support from our friends