HERE TO THERE is the theme for Prague. This comes from the phrase “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.

Oftentimes, presenters share their history and an overview of their achievements. It’s a natural way to present and important. In Prague we’re flipping the script and want to learn how presenters are forging ahead. Forward-focused presentations. What are they working towards and how they plan to get there.

So the format in Prague is 45 minute presentations. During those 45 minutes, the presenters interpret HERE TO THERE as it applies to them.

Also, WUNX presentations will happen once again in Prague. The format for WUNX is simple: 10 slides show for 1 minute each totalling 10 minutes. The presentations roll forward on a timer, so presenters must prepare and on their toes!

The line-up for Prague will rollout starting on November 1st. There will be 8 45-minute presenters and 6 WUNX presenters.

Marisa Martins

I have a special passion for family and wedding documentary photography, displaying the real life – no posing and no staging is the main rule where I try to tell stories to move the viewer. This photojournalistic approach aims to capture the singularities that make each family or couple so unique.

Félicia Sisco

I don’t really refer myself as a wedding photographer. I’m a photographer who shoots both bridal fashion and wedding. All I want in my pictures is love poetry and painting memories and above all great pleasure during the photoshoot.

Johanna Kajson

What other things you might wonder? I’m a professional coach (ICF certified, of course), and also work both as a business coach and life coach. With my clients, I strive to help them reach their ABSOLUTELY MOST GREATEST of potential. I love working with people and for me that’s the big thing when I work as a wedding planner as well. To be there for all the people involved… listening, inspiring, fixing and planning, supporting, doing a pep-talk and making sure that extra magic happen for every single one of them.

Jonatan Jan

i will never grow up stop laughing sticking out

my tongue at anyone falling standing up loving drinking with friends and strangers alike

dancing as if nobody is watching skinny dipping

singing out of tune walking out of all paths

stealing moments and cherries

wanting to fly

i promise you nothing and all


P.s.: You might think of me as a crazy child-like weirdo. And you will be absolutely right.

Anni Graham

I’m Anni, wedding photographer, educator, and new mom. I believe family and relationships are the core of being human and getting to capture moments that bring you back to a time in your life is a powerful thing. For me, photography needs purpose, and this right here is my purpose.

Nina Goks

I recognise the visual timelapse children bring, their growth is a marker for each passing day. The depth of love I felt I wanted to portray through creation – central to my joy in the depths of parenting. My sons showed me the magic of mundane. I want to give this mothers – a keepsake of how it felt to be you now. Primal raw parenthood.

Jack Davolio

I help couples keep it fun and create experiences worth remembering. Take away the boring bits and add some Rock and Roll instead. I take photos of real moments and real love. All I am trying to do is being true to what is in front of me.

Cat Ekkelboom-White

I’m Cat, a British photographer living in the Alps. I’m a ski instructor and hiking guide, and after starting my photography business in 2015, I quickly realised I hated weddings! Now I work with like-minded, adventure-loving couples, only shooting what I love – adventurous weddings and elopements in the most wild and beautiful locations in the Alps.

Danilo & Sharon

We’ve been wedding photographers for almost half of our lives. And the journey we’ve taken was something I doubt any other profession could gift us with. The people, the places, the experiences… And the possibility to stay playful and creative each and every day. That’s why we do what we do.

Linda Eliasson

My approach to photography is intuitive and vital. I love creating stories from moments happening right in front of me, documenting the beauty of real life. I believe that the universe will perfectly align us with those who mirror back to us. Photography really is an emotional work for me. Love is what drives me. It always has and always will. I am, I guess, my method – my life is part of my work.

Our Host

Maciej Suwałowski

They call me Magic. I travelled endless space to finally find my place amongst the wizards of light, magician of moments, love catchers, or so called Wedding Photographers. I’ve studied ancient knowledge from aliens to turn myself into a social media/business machine – setting up goals, achieving them and being happy and successful with finding the right clients from my magic tricks with this funny thing called camera.

Bethine Elizabeth | WUNX

You and I don’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever, except the photograph. It outlives us and will always tell the story of who we were. Therefore, as a wedding photographer, I live and breathe to create beautiful albums that will keep my client’s memory alive forever.

Styrmir & Heiðdís | WUNX

Iceland has always been our home. This island has shaped our very core, our artistic vision and who we are as human beings. Now we get to document it’s profound affect on it’s visitors that come here to celebrate their love for each other surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes, facing the unpredictable elements.

Eliška Fischerová | WUNX

Hi, my name is Eliška Fischerová and I’m the owner of the Khiria brand. Photography became my passion – and profession – shortly after I met a cool art teacher at high school. I studied photography and got my masters degree at the Faculty of Art and design. I collected several awards during my studies; the most important for me was the nomination for the World Press Photo’s Joop Swart Masterclass. I love being a silent observer and creating some magic during the couple’s session at the wedding.

Everbay | WUNX

72 years, that’s how long our parents have been married combined. And our work starts with how they’ve shown us how life is better with your other half by your side. We try to pass this on in Everbay.

Inta Lankovska | WUNX

I live and breathe weddings because I imagine a person in 2082 looking at the photo I’ve taken and beaming with a smile. I am creating people’s impressions and by extension their memories. It gives me a purpose and a joyful way to live. It’s selfish, really.

Our DJ

Michael Antonia | WUNX

When I was a little kid I had 4 part time jobs and ran several small businesses to afford records. Things haven’t changed much. The Flashdance houses 6 companies and covers nearly every aspect of event production.

With support from our friends