Lofoten Workshop Update

Lofoten Workshop

Lofoten Workshop

September 17th and 18th, 2019 is the next Lofoten Workshop hosted by Sisters in Law and Nordica.

The plans are tightening up, and we have two awesome bits of news to drop today!


First, the accommodations are confirmed and we will be staying at Lofoten Basecamp.

This is located right in the heart of where the photo shoots will be happening, and is a prime spot for spotting the northern lights.

Well, it’s all prime there, but we like the idea of just peaking out the window and seeing the lights buzzing overhead.

Christin Eide

This part we’re super stoked about: Christin Eide has been added to the workshop and will be a host of the experience alongside Sisters in Law and Nordica.

When we think about Lofoten, we immediately think of her. Nobody spends more time there photographing couples, and she knows the area like the back of her hand.

Aside from knowing the area, she simply knows her stuff. She’s very experienced, and having her bring that experience to workshop simply makes the experience that much better. We’re so excited to have her join the adventure!

Workshop Details

This might be your first chance coming across the Lofoten Workshop, so here’s some basic information in case you’re considering the adventure.

What It Is

The workshop is small and we want you to return home with a sensational set of images. That is at the heart of this workshop. There will be two real couples photographed, and a total of four sessions (two sunrise sessions, two sunset sessions). Because we’re a small group, everyone gets their shot (mind the pun) and there is no rush for anything.


You need to arrive in Leknes September 16th at some point. The workshop is hosted on the 17th and 18th. There are no plans for September 19th aside from departing Lofoten.


In between shooting, there will be workshops hosted by Nordica, Sisters in Law, and Christin Eide. Topics will range from business and marketing, to style and focus. We cover a lot, and because we’re a small group, you are as much a part of this as the presenters are. It’s a two-way conversation and the goal with the workshop is to leave you prepped to take action with your business.


The price is 1800€ + VAT, and tickets can be purchased here. A few ways you can add value to the purchase, and perhaps a bit of savings.

If you buy a ticket for the Lofoten workshop, you receive a ticket for Way Up North this October in Stockholm *plus* a vendor listing on Sisters in Law for six months (valued at €300).

If you already have a ticket to WUN Stockholm, we will reduce the ticket price for Lofoten the amount of your WUN ticket *plus* you still get the six month listing with Sisters in Law.

If you *do not fly* to the workshop in Lofoten (travel by train, for example), we will reduce the workshop ticket price €200 and the above still applies.

Included with the ticket price are accommodations from the 16th through to the 19th, as well as transportation on Lofoten. So pickup in Leknes on the 16th through to the workshop conclusion the morning of the 19th.

An additional consideration is if you can get to Umeå, Sweden then you can travel with the group from there. We will be renting a van and travelling together from there, and we welcome anyone who’d like to join. You’d simply need to chip in for fuel and cover your own ferry ticket.

Previous Lofoten Workshop

To get a feel from the previous Lofoten Workshop hosted earlier this year, check out this reel made by Albin Hasselström.

Photos below taken by Christin Eide in Lofoten

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