Los Cabos Wedding Video – Alyssa + Scott

Los Cabos Wedding Video

Los Cabos Wedding Video

You’ll have a tough time finding a better Los Cabos wedding video than what Maru Films created in this story. Seriously inspiring cinematic storytelling.

Remi from Maru Films might be a familiar name to you – he’s one of the presenters coming to Copenhagen next spring.

We had to feature this story when we first saw it, so want to thank Remi for sending it over. After you check it out, take a browse through more of Maru’s work on their YouTube page and Instagram account.

Now, on with the story! Here is Alyssa and Scott’s day from JW Marriott Hotel in Los Cabos.

Words & Film By Maru Films

The moment I realized that something special was happening was during the after wedding shoot. As the sun was setting we went out to go to the locations we determined together with Lukas Piatek. At one of the last spots I was talking with Alyssa and Scott to create an intimate setting. At that moment she got really emotional and a perfect single tear rolled down her cheek while she was looking at Scott.

The wedding was just amazing. Scott is a wedding photographer himself and knew really what works and what doesn’t. We felt very much part of the wedding as guests. Which really helps to make the best work for us.

There was one thing that turned out to be a real challenge. That was the audio. The speaker was aimed at the couple, we tried to move it, but there was only a very short cord. In the end even their own microphone picked up some feedback, so all 5 audio sources picked it up. The only solution afterwards was to send it to an audio specialist and to get it fixed.

The sun in Mexico is very harsh. I happened to be speaking at a event together with Fer Juaristi and his talk and shoot was really inspiring. As he always has to work with that kind of light and just makes it work. It really motivated me to make the most of the mid day shoot in the harsh sunlight.

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