Mark Pacura

Mark Pacura

When you’re in Stockholm, grab Mark Pacura and pull him aside. Get selfish and just do it. When you have him, get him to tell you a couple of his failed business ventures. Flipping shoes. His Polish cafe (which he did the electrical work for). Things like that.

We love guys like Mark because they’re comfortable juggling 22 plates at once, and comfortable still if 5 of those plates break. Sometimes things won’t workout, but if you never try, you never know.

It’s no secret Mark is family with Way Up North. Wooden Banana, the packaging company he started, is integral in the world of WUN. So, it’s a big deal for us that he will be taking the stage this October, and we can’t wait to hear what he has to share.

Here’s a breakdown of his presentation. And remember people – get selfish. Grab him in Stockholm and have a coffee, beer, or whatever else you enjoy.

Ticket Price Increase

Quick heads-up: tickets are €295 + VAT until the end of this month, then increase to €395 + VAT.

Presentation Title & Description

The Execution of Fuck It

Words are meaningless and ideas are worthless if they’re not followed by action. A short presentation on how to get your business rolling with tools available in 2019.

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