Milwaukee Wedding Photographer – Jenna + Michael

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Emilie White has found her calling: Milwaukee wedding photographer.

We say that tongue in cheek of course, because this is a far cry from her upbringings in France, stint as a lawyer, and home in England.

Isn’t that part of the fun? The unexpected twists and turns your path will take you when you enter this crazy job?

Emily is one of our all-time favourite Way Up North presenters, having taken the stage in Cannes. We love her work, and hope you enjoy this feature from… Milwaukee!

Words & Images by Emilie White

The wedding took place at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum which is in…wait for it… Milwaukee! (yes I couldn’t believe it either).

Jenna and Michael are from Minneapolis but wanted to channel a European flair for their wedding, which is why they decide to celebrate their day at this venue.

When another photographer asks you to capture their wedding, it is always a great compliment…and also very stressful!

Jenna is a talented photographer. Michael and her also do modelling and are very creative. They’re a dream to photograph.

Whenever I capture a couple that understands how to work in front of the camera, I like to challenge myself and make them forget about me…I want their portraits to feel sincere and I want to see “them” as they are together in everyday life.

When I can see a glimpse of that, thats when I feel like “ah-ha, I’ve got it”.

It’s Just Life

These photos are special to me because we had to embrace the challenges that life can bring.

Michael had a scary bike accident a couple months prior to the wedding and injured his neck and forehead badly. Thankfully, he was alright but this meant that he had to wear a neck brace on the wedding day and could only have it off for a little amount of time. He also was limited in his movements, therefore wasn’t not able to turn his head.

I think Michael felt bad about it but as I told them before the wedding day, it is what it is. It’s just life.

When it came to capturing portraits of Jenna and him, we made it work. We slowed it down, kept it more still. I wanted to feel the connection between them so asked Jenna to get close to Michael and just enjoy the present moment.

I love the results, and by embracing the “imperfect” situation, it helped create the magic.

The Marilyn Pose

There is this famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, captured by Richard Avedon, in which Marilyn stands behind Arthur Miller, who’s sitting down and cuddles his around the neck.

I thought that would be great inspiration for Michael and Jenna as it would allow them to be close but prevent Michael from having to move his neck too much.

It creates a lovely connection and gives me the feeling of Jenna being protective of her man

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