Mónika Frias

Mónika Frias

So, the theme for Stockholm 2019 is Fuck It (if you’re curious why, read this). It’s slightly to the point, but with a purpose.

You can’t pick a theme like that without backing it up with strong personalities. It’s a bit funny with Mónika, because in a way we picked a theme that we felt would suite her. That’s how much we respect her personality and talents, so needless to say, we’re stoked she’s coming to Sweden.

But it’s not all abrasiveness and profanity. Nope, there’s some serious substance Mónika is bringing to the stage. Here’s here presentation title and description.


About my journey and how it shaped the way I work. The transition form commercial work to weddings. How I try to keep it simple, and how that has become part of my brand. I’ll talk about my relationship with music and the impact it has in my work. Why not following a “certain style” has given me so much freedom.


Tickets are 295€ + VAT until the end of May, then bump to 395€.

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