Planning & Schedule

Let’s work together to bring some rhyme to your reason with social media!


Glorious social media planning, commence! Below is all we need from you to get cracking!

When we receive all info below, we create drafts of your social media posts with text and imagery.

Once drafted, you can look over them for approval and feedback if you’d like.

When you feel happy with the posts, we schedule them at the time of your choosing.

It can be all posts in one week, or one every fortnight. It’s all up to you.

* indicates required

Admin access to your scheduling programme. If you’re not using such a programme yet, we recommend Later (covering all platforms) or Meta Business (Instagram and Facebook)
Something specific we might not know about is always helpful!
This part is optional. It might be useful though if you have an ongoing strategy we can incorporate into the planning.
Hit us with the good stuff! Share with us where we can access your photos and get started!
Hit us with a few comments - anything that comes to mind and might be useful for when we get started!