Podcast with Mark Pacura from Wooden Banana

Mark Pacura

Mark Pacura

In this podcast with Wooden Banana founder Mark Pacura, it became obvious Mark has the character of a natural early adopter.

The thrill to take an idea, apply the idea, and see if it works. Within those moving parts coming together is where Mark finds great satisfaction.

Early adopters are typically known to seek adventure and have an openness to experience. Listening to Mark share the story of his courier company, flipping shoes, and piecing together a Polish cafe, you’d have to be an open-minded, adventure seeker to event try those things.

Mark Pacura

Wooden Banana

This podcast also taught us the beneath the hustle as a wedding photographer, Mark hustles equally hard with Wooden Banana.

What started out as simply scratching his own itch has grown into a staple within the wedding community. How and why Mark continues with Wooden Banana is something he shares in this chat and whether you love boxes, bananas, or anything else, if you’re an entrepreneur, there are lessons to be learned from Mark’s experiences.

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