Andria Lindquist

The best thing that I’ve ever been told is I march to the beat of my own drum. Photography lends so well to that quality because I’m able to create my business exactly as I want – and I believe people crave being a part of something that doesn’t feel like a template. To me, the experience is just as much important as the photos.

PRESENTATION: Experience over Images

Sure, an amazing photo on the wall is great but what about the feeling, the experience, what went on IN that photo? Sure, having a packed schedule is great but how do those clients feel taken care of? Are they educated, informed and know what to expect? There’s so much more in being an incredible photographer than the final image. We need to bring an experience, a process, a confidence from start to finish, we need to give more focus and effort to the things unseen when what we’re generally held to is only what is seen on a screen. experience, do you have one?

Photo: Ty French

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