Brittani Hon

I keep it real. I talk about the things that make others uncomfortable, but it needs to be said because if no one talks about it, things won’t change. We won’t grow. We will constantly be dreaming and not doing shit about it. I care so much about people succeeding and being able to have financial freedom doing what they love. I’m a tough love teacher but I also show vulnerability and want to give hugs. I’m just here to talk about the hard stuff, break insecurities and fears and help people make money.

PRESENTATION TITLE: Scared Money Don’t Make Money.

Do a check up from the neck up. Where is your head at? Is it manifesting into your business? Growth doesn’t come from comfort zones. Time to push. Time to manifest success. Time to make more money doing what you love. But first, we need to dived deep into your head space and get rid of the bullshit that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

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