Jen Huang

I find that my clients choose my photography because they love clean, light and fresh images filled with artistic details and romantic candids. I have a dedicated way of shooting live events and am very specific about the way that I capture wedding moments. I bring a stylist’s point of view to much of the day and often help my brides and grooms design their nuptials to look the most beautiful that it can. This includes photographing the details, portraits and candids in an editorial fashion and managing the natural light schedule. I also I shoot medium format and 35mm film, which gives my photos a classic feel.

PRESENTATION TITLE: How to NOT be a wedding photographer.

Every photographer has access to the best technology, the best software and the most popular tutorials, so what truly sets the most successful photographers above the rest? I built my business and my art on a simple rule – challenge the status quo: go against the grain and define the industry rather than let the industry define me. I will share my story on how I became not only a photographer but a creative director, and how I bring a stylist’s point of view to every event and portrait session to create the dream images that my clients love but could never envision themselves. What makes me different ultimately raises me above my competition.

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