Lauren Scotti

I’m a wedding photographer based in sunny California, yet I can’t stand the heat. I started my photo business 5 years ago and was recently named one of Rangefinders 30 rising stars. When I’m not traveling or shooting a wedding, you can find me binge-watching something on Netflix while eating something gluten-free and french fries.

PRESENTATION: #aestheticallypleasing

I strive to have my work and online presence be consistent with my life and who I truly am. I used to think there was some secret to finding success. I thought I had to do things a certain way to find it but have since learned that is simply not true. I will tell you how I built a natural influence and developed a consistent look to attract a broad audience outside of just the wedding industry. How networking and building meaningful relationships in whatever industry you are in is crucial to growing your business. It is so easy to share the best parts of our lives on the inter webs (guilty!) but how do we stay authentic to our true selves while still well using social media to our advantage.

Photo: Brett Seay

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