Profoto Academy Courses

Profoto Academy Courses

Longtime partner of Way Up North, Profoto, has opened up their vault of educational opportunities for the WUN community.

With many of us at home right now trying to feed the desire for new skills, Profoto’s timing is welcome for those looking to learn.

Below are two courses to get you started on your journey towards becoming a light master.

One course is free, the other is discounted 50%. Let’s dive in!

Distance, direction, shape – Basic foundations of light (Free)

Perfect for the aspiring photographer, this course will help you to start working with light. David Bicho looks at the basic theory and physics of how to control your light, while award-winning portrait photographer Hannah Couzens translates this into something that you can use in everyday practical photography.

Together they’ll show you how to create natural beautiful images using the three cornerstones of light: distance, direction and shape. Control brightness and light fall-off with distance – by moving light source closer or further away. Place your light to determine where and how shadows fall on your subject. And create soft or hard light using different light source shapes and sizes.

Fundamentals of Lighting (50% Off)

In this series, photographer and lighting expert David Bicho relies on the physics of lighting to create practical techniques you can start using today, regardless of the equipment you use and your level of experience.

This series is packed with no-nonsense techniques and facts about how light works.

You’ll understand how to assess the available light in a scene and see a variety of lighting methods, from simple techniques with an on-camera flash to full-concept shoots in three different locations using up to four lighting setups.

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