Quarantine Conversations – Francesco Spighi

Francesco Spighi is an incredibly talented wedding photographer from Tuscany. He’s shifted his talents recently to documenting the lockdown in his beautiful city, Florence, and following the stories has been enthralling.

Day by day, Francesco visited the empty streets and shared stories on his Instagram account. The craftsmen worried their trades will disappear if they succumb to the virus. His favourite ice cream shop being closed. His children studying at home, not permitted to leave. Each day, a new story to compliment his photos.

It’s an honest insight into what life is like for Italians at the moment. At the same time, his photography is doing plenty of good, as his prints are for sale and raising funds.

100% of the print sales from these remarkable photos goes directly to Careggi Foundation, who is collecting donations for the largest hospital in Florence.

The photos are stunning, and with the funds going to the best cause imaginable right now, we encourage you to buy his art. You might never see Florence like this again, and it is a serving reminder of this remarkable moment in our lives.

We were fortunate enough to carve some time out of Francesco’s day for a short podcast episode.

He is a familiar face to the Way Up North community, and his first hand insight into the devastation happening in his beautiful country felt quite personal.

Also, below is a selection of his photos during these eery times in Florence.

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