Quarantine Conversations – Maria Eberfors + Maria Broström

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Our ongoing Quarantine Conversations podcast series was missing one thing: voices from the Swedish community.

We’re a proudly Swedish company based in Sweden and look at our Nordic community fondly. So, we made it happen and invited Maria Broström to host the Swedish version of the show as we move along.

Maria is no stranger to the community – you may have heard her episode in the earlier Swedish version of the podcast – and if you ask anyone who attends WUN who she is, they’ll know. She’s a legend, and will shortly have a podcast of her own coming out – so stay tuned for the (if you speak Swedish!).

This first episode is with an equally legendary character in the Swedish wedding community – Maria Eberfors.

So, enjoy this first episode of “Karantän-snack”, our Swedish take on Quarantine Conversations!

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